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4 Practical Ways to Use AI in Customer Service Today

You don’t need to wait to implement artificial intelligence. There are many practical ways that your customer service team can use AI today. Stop living in the past, and allow artificial intelligence to bring your customer service team to the future.

Stop Asking the Wrong Customer Service Survey Questions

Are you asking the wrong customer service questions? Ask better questions to improve response rates and get better answers to your customer service surveys.

13 Call Center Metrics You Need to Track and What They Mean

Learn the 13 most important call center metrics to track and understand what they’re telling you about how to improve your call center performance.

How to Keep CRM Data Clean and Consistent

Discover the benefits of keeping CRM data clean and consistent – and all the tools you’ll need along the way.

TextExpander Story: MJ Brodie from iwantmyname

MJ Brodie joins us to talk about her work as a Customer Supporter and how TextExpander helps along the way.

Three Simple Steps to Get Up and Running With TextExpander

How should a busy professional get started with TextExpander? You’ve downloaded the free test drive version of TextExpander to your Mac or PC and are wondering how to set up your first few snippets. Building a solid snippet system is pretty straightforward once you’ve answered three simple questions. Question 1: What type of text should…

How To Create an Email Reply System with TextExpander

Whether you’re in customer support, work with multiple clients, or run a popular site, creating an email system which allows you to reuse messages is a *huge* time saver. Here’s how to get started.