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Online Vs. In-Person Surveys

A few months ago, I was writing a blog post about getting the information you need from customer surveys. As I was researching one section, ‌there was a discussion to be had around in-person versus online surveys. That sent me down a rabbit hole of reading, watching, and talking to people who know far more…

What Is Tiered Support?

Tiered support is a way to organize your support team for tackling customer support issues efficiently. Learn more.

Scaling a Sales Team: Six Essential Steps

The sales team is one of the first that needs to be prepped for an increase in demand. Here are the essential steps for scaling a sales team.

Why Small Accounts Deserve Time From Your Sales Team

In this post, we share four reasons why you should treat small accounts just as well as you treat your bigger customers.

Building the Ideal Remote Customer Support Team

Customer support is one of the oldest remote work positions in the world. Call centers have handled the bulk of inbound customer support for many businesses for years. With years of remote experience behind the role, it’s now safe to say that some best practices have emerged. It should come as no surprise that the…

Hiring Strategies for “The Great Resignation”

Why is it so hard to hire right now? Learn what’s behind the Great Resignation and discover hiring strategies for challenging times.

Optimize Your Holiday Marketing Planning with TextExpander

As we’ve traversed the holiday season this year, we’ve read some expert advice on how to make sure that you’re hitting the right marketing channels and messages. It seems like every time we blink, there is a new outlet popping onto the radar that is worthy of time and attention. No two platforms work exactly…

What Are OKRs and How To Use Them To Grow in 2022

What is OKR? In this post, we’ll teach you OKR basics and show you how TextExpander can help you achieve productivity milestones.

What Is TextExpander?

In this article, we explain how TextExpander works, show you how to use it, and share tips for getting started.