Recruitment apps help you hire faster and better.

7 Recruitment Apps for Boosting Your Recruiting

Recruitment apps can help you hire faster and better. Check out a list of seven useful apps for candidate sourcing and talent management.

If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter living in the US, there’s a huge chance you’re already using your smartphone as much as or more than your computer for work. But are you using these mobile apps to hire faster and better? Check out our list of seven recruitment apps for turning mobile devices into recruiting powerhouses.  

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

Screenshot of LinkedIn Recruiter, recruitment app #1 on our list.
LinkedIn Recruiter homepage. Source: LinkedIn Recruiter.

With over 600 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s ultimate talent acquisition pool. For recruiters, it enables things most other professional social networks don’t, such as reaching out to perfect candidates even when they aren’t job-seeking.

LinkedIn Recruiter, the platform’s candidate sourcing and talent management tool, helps hiring managers take full advantage of the network. The app allows you to do advanced searches for potential candidates, send personalized messages, and schedule interviews.

Though not all of LinkedIn Recruiter’s great features are available in the iOS/Android apps, these essential ones are.
And if you’re using too many tools for your hiring process and are looking to have your entire hiring process in one place, you can try LinkedIn’s Talent Hub, the applicant tracking system that combines LinkedIn Recruiter + Jobs.

2. Glassdoor

Screenshot of Glassdoor, recruitment app #2 on our list.
Glassdoor For Employers page. Source: Glassdoor.

Glassdoor started out as a website for helping people make decisions about where to work. The concept of collecting anonymous company reviews and salaries was, and continues to be, a total hit: the platform currently boasts an audience of 60M+ unique users a month. That’s actually one of Glassdoor’s biggest selling points.

The majority of the website’s visitors tend to be candidates searching for jobs, so companies that advertise openings and create employer profiles there reach a targeted audience.

As much a job board as an employer review website, Glassdoor claims that it takes fewer resumes to hire someone via their platform than through other websites because candidates who apply through Glassdoor tend to be more engaged, responsive, and informed. Glassdoor offers a free and a premium plan and exists as both a website and an iOS/Android app. 

3. Workable

Screenshot of Workable, recruitment app #3 on our list.
Workable homepage. Source: Workable.

Over 6,000 companies of all sizes and across all sectors trust Workable’s popular candidate sourcing software to streamline their hiring process, according to Workable’s App Store description.

Recruiters use the app, also available on Android, to review candidate profiles and resumes, complete scorecards, share feedback, and manage their hiring pipelines from their mobile devices.

The recruitment app has lots of other interesting features – some aligned with the latest recruiting trends – including the ability to create a branded career page and a way to diversify candidate sourcing through referrals.

4. Shapr

Screenshot of Shapr, recruitment app #4 on our list.
Shapr homepage. Source: Shapr.

The equivalent of a dating app for professionals, Shapr aims to take the awkwardness out of networking by making it possible for members to connect when there’s mutual interest, i.e., a match.

People who use the app might be startup founders looking for co-founders or hiring managers wanting to build a team from scratch.

An unconventional recruitment app, Shapr can be especially useful for companies looking to grow their talent pool. The social media app is available via the Apple Store and Google Play.

5. Rakuna’s RecruitApp

Screenshot of Rakuna RecruitApp, recruitment app #5 on our list.
Rakuna RecruitApp homepage. Source: RecruitApp.

Designed for candidate sourcing at campuses and events, RecruitApp frees recruiters and hiring managers from manual check-in and data entry so they can focus on connecting with candidates searching for opportunities instead.

The recruitment app’s snapshot technology enables recruiters to capture resumes and qualify candidates instantly, save data on and offline, and more.

In addition to making life easier at these events, the Android/iOS app is a great way to impress tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z-ers who are all about productivity, sustainability, and efficiency.

6. Instawork

Screenshot of Instawork, recruitment app #6 on our list.
Instawork homepage. Source: Instawork.

A mobile recruiting app for hospitality businesses, Instawork connects hiring managers with pre-vetted event staff, including bartenders, waiters, cooks, hostesses, and more.

For businesses, the Android/iOS app makes it easy to find qualified staff last-minute. For gig workers, it’s an opportunity to find work in restaurants and events.

Instawork doesn’t just help with candidate sourcing – it handles billing, payment, and insurance. Its companion, Instawork Scheduler, is also a talent management tool.

7. Interview Assistant Pro HD 

Screenshot of Interview Assistant, recruitment app #7 on our list.
Interview Assistant Pro HD. Source: Interview Assistant Pro HD.

An app for helping recruiters prepare for and organize interviews, Interview Assistant Pro has 250 built-in questions, as well as useful features such as the ability to create interviewee profiles and take audio/text notes during interviews.

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