Hack Time with These 5 Must-Have Recruiting Snippets

Hack Time with These 5 Must-Have Recruiting Snippets

With countless tools on the market, it’s no surprise that 91% of recruiters use some form of recruitment technology or software. TextExpander is a productivity multiplier which eliminates the need to type things over and over.

Using TextExpander snippets, or preset chunks of text, recruiters can automate the most predictable aspects of their workflow and save considerable time on administrative tasks.

Here are five commonly used emails-turned-snippets that will save you keystrokes and allow you to focus on the tasks that can’t be automated – spending face time with candidates, managers, and teammates.

Snippet 1: Strategy Session Notes

Kick off the intake meeting or strategy session equipped with both questions and insights for the hiring manager.

Use this formatted text snippet to remind you of key pieces of information that you want to capture and share during the meeting. The clean table makes it easy to skim at-a-glance.

Label: Strategy Session
Abbreviation: xss
Content: 5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters

Preview of Snippet 1 for recruiters
Snippet 1 – Strategy Session

Snippet 2: Phone Screening

While no two positions will need the exact same screening, this plain text snippet can serve as a baseline for your calls. Customize the snippet using the “must haves” captured during the strategy session for maximum effect.

Label: Phone Screening
Abbreviation: xps
Content: 5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters

Screen shot of Snippet 2
Snippet 2 – Phone Screening

Using a simple 3 character shortcut “xps” populates this Evernote file with screening questions.

Use TextExpander within your favorite note-taking tool like WordPad or Notes. For more on optimizing TextExpander with the apps you love, check out our #CrossOver series.

Snippet 3: Next Steps

Always an exciting message to send, use this plain text snippet to share the good news and also prepare the candidate for what is to come.

Label: Next Steps
Abbreviation: xns
Content: 5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters

Preview of snippet for next steps email
Snippet 3 – Next Steps

Snippet 4: Rejection

Rejecting a candidate is never easy, but best-in-class recruiters are committed to closing the loop. Use this fill-in snippet to update the candidate that you won’t be moving forward after a phone screening.

Label: Rejection
Abbreviation: xrj
Content: 5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters Source: Adapted from an original email by Tessa Wilder

Preview of snippet for rejection email to candidates
Snippet 4 – Rejection Email

Snippet 5: Weekly Update to Hiring Managers

Keeping a cadence of proactive communication makes building trust with your hiring managers easier. Use this formatted text snippet for a weekly or bi-weekly update to the teams you support.

Label: Weekly Update
Abbreviation: xwu
Content: 5 Must Have Snippets for Recruiters

Preview of snippet for weekly update to hiring managers
Snippet 5 – Weekly update

Keep Creating

Why stop with five? Continue creating snippets for common communications in your recruiting process. Happy expanding!

Access this public group of must-have snippets on the TextExpander Public Groups page.

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