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What Is Skills-Based Hiring and Why It’s the Future

Skills-based hiring is the best way to identify capable talent, increase diversity in companies, and improve retention. Learn more.

Hiring Strategies for “The Great Resignation”

Why is it so hard to hire right now? Learn what’s behind the Great Resignation and discover hiring strategies for challenging times.

Finding the Right Talent for Your Software Development Team

With in-demand top talent and brand-new developers entering the market daily, finding talent for your software development team is hard. This article helps you find the right talent.

What Should You Look for in a Software Engineer Portfolio?

Hiring software engineers is hard. Understanding a software engineer portfolio is not a skill taught in hiring 101! Here are four steps you should follow to get the most out of looking at a developer’s portfolio site

17 Customer Service Traits to Hire For

Learn how to hire for the most important 17 customer service traits and give your customers a more exceptional experience.

Run Your Hiring Process from Trello

Discover how we use Trello, TextExpander and Google Docs to hire new team members.