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You Messed Up At Work. Now What?

Mistakes happen, but how do we handle them at work? Here’s our guide to embracing your humanity and moving forward in a healthy way.

How Do I Speed Up My Typing?

We’re in the business of making people more productive, so it’s no wonder that people find us by searching for things like “how do I speed up my typing?”. While we could spend an entire blog post talking about the benefits of TextExpander, here we want to give you some practical, useful tips that you…

Holiday Out-of-Office Message Snippets To Expand Now

Need a holiday out-of-office message? We have options. Check them out and subscribe to the Public Groups for access.

Using Snippets for Your Personal Life

So many of our users have created plenty of work snippets in TextExpander, but that’s only part of the benefit; it can help your personal life too. Get creative and inspired with these ideas on how to make the most of it in your day-to-day.

How To Use TextExpander for Autocorrection

In this post, we show you how to use TextExpander for autocorrection, and recommend autocorrect Public Groups for you to join.

How to Reach Inbox Zero with TextExpander Snippets

Inbox overflowing? Get access to eight TextExpander snippets for standard email replies so you can tackle emails faster.

TextExpander for Copywriters: Use Cases and Snippets

Subscribe to our free Public Group, TextExpander for Copywriters, for time-saving snippets to use when creating blog posts and emails.