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TextExpander Unveils Dad Jokes: a Breakthrough in Technology-Enhanced Humor

Dad Jokes delivers corny humor in four keystrokes

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA  Today, TextExpander introduces Dad Jokes, a new Public Group created to help users tell the best dad jokes online with ease and speed. Dad Jokes is a breakthrough in technology-enhanced humor, delivering unprecedented cheesiness and an extensive library of puns to all of our users. This group features over twenty corny Snippets and is available today from the TextExpander Public Groups Page.

With the Dad Jokes Public Group, users can engage in their favorite pastimes—embarrassing their kids on Facebook, communicating with fellow dads on LinkedIn, or making their coworkers question their sanity, all from the comfort of the good chair

After many hours of focus groups and extensive feedback from our team of world-renowned writers (or at least a meeting), this next TextExpander public offering came to be. The technology delivers even more capability to users who are looking to push the limits of how, where, and how fast they can send these important dad jokes to their teams, families, and friends.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Dad Jokes to our suite of Public Snippet Groups,” said Greg Scown, TextExpander’s co-founder. “This ushers in a new era for dads and dad joke lovers. We’re proud to launch this initiative, enabling users to spread humor, joy, and embarrassment with ease.” 

BadDad Jokes

Utilizing the software

Dad Jokes delivers even more capability to users who are looking to push the limits of how, where, and how fast they can fire dad jokes—with a wide range of silly jokes and easy-to-remember shortcuts that can be expanded anywhere you type.

After subscribing to the Public Group, type the letters “dj” followed by any number between 01-20 (01-09 should have a zero in front), and a random dad joke will appear. 

Dad Jokes optimizes the experience of telling dad jokes, giving users unprecedented capability and speed. This group contains more than twenty jokes, sure to make everyone’s eyes roll within a two-block radius, including:

Dad joke #5 (abbreviation: dj05)

What does IDK stand for?

I’ve asked a lot of people but nobody seems to know.

Dad joke #7 (abbreviation: dj07)

My coworkers laugh at my jokes during in-person meetings, but never in online meetings.

When I asked them why, they said my jokes weren’t remotely funny.

Dad Jokes is available on the TextExpander Public Groups page. For help finding and joining a TextExpander Public Group, visit our Learning Center. Want some more funny? Check out some customer service memes.