TextExpander boosts recruiter productivity

How TextExpander Boosts Recruiter Productivity

Tell me you’re a recruiter without telling me you’re a recruiter. Wait, we’ll answer for you: you don’t have enough hours in the day to get all of your work done.

Here at TextExpander, we know recruiters are awfully busy. Many of you work long hours and spend an enormous amount of time on repetitive admin tasks. 

We also know that TextExpander can provide an immense boost to recruiter productivity. 

In this post, we’ll list six examples of how you can use TextExpander to become more efficient and save up to 30 hours a month.

TextExpander for recruiter productivity

When reaching out to leads, setting up interviews, and writing candidate emails, you use the same words and phrases repeatedly. Think “Thank you for your interest in our open position,” and things like job titles and URLs.

More writing with less effort

Through the magic of shorthand typing, TextExpander frees you from having to fully type this repetitive content, speeding up all your communications.

Let’s say you use “Have you had a chance to review the resumes I shared?” a lot when communicating with hiring authorities. 

Instead of manually typing this 53-character sentence a million times throughout all of eternity, you can store it once on TextExpander and assign it a 3-character abbreviation (for example, ;fu). From then on, to make it appear on an email, all you have to do is type the abbreviation. 

“If you find yourself typing the same things over and over again, you can transform all of that into a shortcut,” says Alice Chu, a recruiter at CircleCI. “TextExpander is great for anyone who uses email and meeting scheduling heavily.”

Quick retrieval of useful information

TextExpander is a knowledge activation tool, which means you can use it to quickly retrieve useful information. Think of the unique, hard-to-memorize information you sometimes have to include in emails. 

For Alice’s team, that information is job titles. “We couldn’t memorize the titles of all 400 CircleCI employees, so it got to the point where TextExpander was a lifesaver for helping us with that function.”

So when you add content to TextExpander and assign an abbreviation to it, you don’t just reduce the amount of typing needed to make that content appear. You also eliminate the need to search for, copy, and paste that information.

That might not seem like a lot, but it adds up. The recruitment team at CircleCI has over 1,000 fragments of content stored as abbreviations. (We call the content+abbreviation combo a “snippet”.) The snippets save them nearly 20 hours a month with reduced typing alone. 

“It’s all about fast and easy communication with candidates and stakeholders. TextExpander helps us do that while improving our productivity and consistency,” Alice says.

Six ways to use TextExpander

As a recruiter, you can use TextExpander to do multiple tasks more efficiently, including:

1. Communicating with hiring managers 

Communicating with hiring managers is essential at all stages of the hiring process. For each stage, you can rely on TextExpander snippets to make the job easier. Here are a few examples of snippets to create:

  • Questions to ask hiring managers at intake meetings
  • An email to send to hiring managers after intake meetings
  • A message for introducing qualified candidates to hiring managers
  • A phone confirmation email to send to hiring managers before a call
  • A weekly recruiting update email to keep hiring teams in the loop
  • An email for asking hiring managers for feedback after an interview
  • A survey for collecting feedback at the end of hiring processes

2. Sourcing and outreach

TextExpander works great for storing hard-to-retrieve, tricky-to-type details like Boolean strings. But where TextExpander really shines is as a repository for messages to send to potential candidates. 

TextExpander snippets to have on hand when sourcing include:

  • An initial outreach message
  • A follow-up message
  • A request for availability with a Calendly link
  • Phone screening questions
  • A handoff email to send to recruiters

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3. Communicating with candidates 

Candidates want to be updated throughout the hiring process. With TextExpander, you can ensure your candidate communication is timely, regular, and courteous at all times using the snippets below:

  • An auto-reply for incoming applicants
  • A request for a first phone interview
  • A phone interview confirmation 
  • An on-site interview confirmation
  • An interview follow-up message
  • A “next steps” message
  • A rejection letter
  • An offer letter

4. Onboarding new hires

Your job doesn’t end when a candidate gets hired—but it doesn’t need to take you much time, either. Here are the snippets you can use at the onboarding stage:

  • New hire announcement 
  • New hire welcome letter
  • IT setup request
  • Day one overview
  • Get-to-know-me email

Save time with TextExpander

As a recruiter, you spend a big chunk of your time communicating—with prospects, hiring managers, applicants, and new hires. 

Even if you customize your messages, most of them contain repetitive information—job titles and names, handy phrases, tried-and-tested messages.

TextExpander helps you store this information in the form of abbreviations so you can invoke it with a minimum amount of keystrokes. Here’s what that means:

  • No more looking up scattered and hard-to-memorize information
  • No more copying+pasting information from one place to another
  • No more misspelling names
  • No more typing everything out manually
  • No more creating messages from scratch 

Instead, have all the relevant information at your fingertips. Summon up content—anything from one word to a five-paragraph email—with just two keystrokes. Use customizable templates with fill-in-the-blank fields.

Through the magic of shorthand typing, TextExpander eliminates unnecessary typing and makes accessing information easier, saving you up to 30 hours per month so you can focus on what matters most.

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