Recruiter Snippets Simplified: One-Liners

The average recruiter loses an entire day each week to administrative tasks according to a study by Cornerstone OnDemand. Manual data entry and repetitive admin tasks were listed by 63% of recruiters as their ‘worst nightmare’.

Using TextExpander is a simple way to end the nightmare and automate the most common bits of text you send each day. This handy public group of snippets is a great starter-kit for gaining back valuable time in your workday.

Head over to our Public Groups page and subscribe to the Recruiting Snippets Simplified group. Type the super short abbreviation and voilà, text magically appears.

For example:

abbreviation – ;rr
content – [Resume Received] Thank you for your interest in our open position

abbreviation – ;hm1
content – Have you had a chance to review the resumes I shared?

abbreviation – ;ao
content – Please apply online at our Careers site at

Find these easy-peasy one-liners in the shared group, Recruiting Snippets Simplified.