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7 Creative Ideas to Measure Developer Productivity

Get the most out of our development team by incorporating these 7 creative ideas of measure developer productivity.

Website QA: Testing a Website for Keyboard Users

Some of your website users will not use a mouse or touchscreen, we’re going to show how tab order impacts testing a website as a keyboard user.

Code Review Best Practices You Can’t Miss

Great code reviews are a key element of great software, but bad reviews bring the whole team down. We break down how to do them well.

What is Code Churn and How to Reduce it

Have you ever spent days or weeks working on code and feel like you’re writing and writing lines of code but by the end of it very little has changed? Your project might have high code churn.

Being Excellent at Communicating Technical Work

Work on a product that hasn’t been communicated may as well not have happened. People can’t use what they don’t know about. Let’s be awesome at communicating the work we do to all the stakeholders

Automating Your Text-Based Stand-Up Meetings

Make sure your team is getting the most out of your daily stand-up meetings. Here are some tips for remote teams to have efficient text-based stand-ups.