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8 Recruiting Tools Used by Amazon and Meta

What are the top recruiting tools Amazon and Meta’s talent acquisition teams use to find the best candidates?

Best Recruiting Automation Software

This is a list with short descriptions of the best recruitment automation software that can optimize your recruitment process.

How to Automate in Your Recruiting Business

In this video, we chat with Karel-Oscar van Hengel, the Founder of HyperTalented, which is a staffing and recruiting agency.  Karel-Oscar, or “KO” for short, is a Dutch Entrepreneur living in Paris and Amsterdam. 

6 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2021

Recruiters, sourcers, and talent acquisition professionals take note: Here are the five recruiting trends for 2021 and how to prepare.

The Essential Guide to Remote Recruiting

Say goodbye to in-person interviews. Remote recruiting can be as effective as hiring in IRL if you follow these guidelines.

How to Motivate a Recruiting Team – 7 Proven Methods

Wondering how to motivate your recruiting team? In this post, we share seven tested and proven strategies for motivating the hard-working members of your team.

The Modern Recruiting Process

Creating an efficient recruitment process is becoming more and more important for maintaining company profitability. In this guide learn how’s and why’s of structuring your process from planning and sourcing to screening and onboarding.