What's New in TextExpander 7.0

What’s New in TextExpander: 7.0 Brings New and Improved Features, Accessibility, and a New Learning Center!

15 years ago, the small team of developers at Smile acquired the core product we now know and love called TextExpander. In those 15 years, we’ve been through many iterations and changes to the product, and our small team has expanded to almost 40 team members. We’ve been hard at work growing TextExpander, and today we’re excited to announce the latest version – TextExpander 7.0.

The latest update brings a fresh, new experience that makes TextExpander easier to navigate for anyone and everyone, all wrapped up in a whole new streamlined look and feel. 

In this version, you’ll discover a new interface that’s easier to use, more responsive, and offers a few functional improvements to make TextExpander a more interactive and engaging product. 

Check out what’s new in TextExpander 7.0: 

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Snippet Suggestions

Enhanced Snippet Suggestions make it even easier to notice and create Snippets from frequently-typed words and phrases. This means creating a new Snippet takes just a few clicks. 

Snippet Conflict Management

A refresh to TextExpander’s conflict management means the Snippet you want to expand will be the one that expands. The app now shows you how to resolve conflicts with your Snippet abbreviations in a clear, easier-to-use interface. 

We know how important it is to find the right Snippet when you need it—which is why TextExpander 7 also features an upgraded search feature to help you find the right Snippet, faster.

You can now view search results by group, and adjust how your search results are sorted and presented to quickly find what you need.


We’ve listened to your feedback and have made changes to help create an experience that’s more accessible to all people and users of every ability. The latest update makes TextExpander more accessible to all users by improving the app layout and design for screen reader compatibility. 

(We of course recognize that accessibility should be an ongoing process, which is why our team always welcomes feedback for further improvements). 


Welcome to the new TextExpander Learning Center. For those of you familiar with our previous knowledge base it looks shiny and new, but more importantly, it is the new one-stop shop for learning everything you want and need to know about using TextExpander. Become a productivity expert by getting all your answers, training, and advice in one spot.

Want to dive deeper into the details of this release?

Get the Detailed Release Notes for 7.0—Mac/Windows

Get the Latest Version of TextExpander: 

  • macOS: Go to TextExpander -> Check for Updates
  • Windows: Go to File -> Check for Updates

Thanks to our passionate users for their continued support of TextExpander! We love to hear your thoughts—if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions, we want to hear from you!

In the meantime, check out everything that’s new in TextExpander by upgrading to 7.0 today and trying it for yourself! 

Comments and Discussion

  1. Good morning,
    I’m getting a warning there’s an update error. I cannot update my Expander. let me know what to do to overcome this warning

    1. Hi, John –

      Very sorry you’re having trouble updating! The first thing to try is to manually trigger a TextExpander update. To do so, go to TextExpander → Check for Updates. If that works, great!

      Based on your message, however, I suspect you’ve already tried that with no luck. If that’s the case, your best bet may be to manually reinstall TextExpander. To do so, please delete TextExpander from your Windows or Mac machine (don’t worry – your snippets are tied to your account and won’t be lost). Then just visit this page:


      …download the latest version and install it. You should then be able to open TextExpander, sign in, and get back to expanding.

      If the above doesn’t work, please reach out to our support team via the following link – they should be able to help you resolve the issue.


      Very sorry again for the trouble!

  2. I’m extremely loving your productivity tool, you guys! I have no idea how I used to work without it back in the day. I had been super frustrated about doing repetitive things before I discovered TextExpender. Now, things are so much easier and my workflow is superfluid and lightweight thanks to your fabulous tool. Thanks a huge bunch!!!

  3. I can’t wait for the portable version. I expect many IT departments block installations of software like this (not just mine,, boo!) and having it portable negates the need for admin rights

  4. I’ve had TextExpander on my Mac for years and love it. I’d like to put it on both my iPhone & iPad, and be able to sync my snippets, but can’t find instructions to accomplish this. Have the latest 7.2 update on my Mac.
    Thanks for any help – step by step instructions for the only semi-tech user.

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