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What’s New in TextExpander for Windows: Detailed Release Notes

A shorter list of TextExpander for Windows’s new features is also available.

TextExpander for Windows 7.0.1 (2021-10-17)

  • Fixes possible crash on startup

TextExpander for Windows 7.0 (2021-10-12)

  • Updates and unifies the user experience
  • Improves main window search
  • Improves performance and responsiveness
  • Improves conflict management
  • Broadens accessibility
  • Other fixes and improvements

TextExpander for Windows 2.2.1 (2020-05-18)

  • Fixes crashes in Excel experienced by some users [TEC-789]
  • Fixes crash at startup experienced by some users [TEC-782]
  • Fixes crash after pressing PAUSE key [TEC-770]
  • Fixes expansion leaving abbreviation behind [TEC-790]
  • Fixes expansion of Snippets with adjacent macros [TEC-798]
  • Fixes expansion of Snippets with sequential optional sections [TEC-787]
  • Fixes issue where a Snippet Group would lose its name and become disabled after editing a Snippet [TEC-785]
  • Fixes occasional high-cpu after disabling expansion [TEC-805]
  • Fixes Inline Search after disabling expansion [TEC-806]
  • Fixes excessive diagnostic logging [TEC-794]

TextExpander for Windows 2.2 (2020-04-28)

  • Fixes and improvements to expansion [TEC-635, TEC-593, TEC-144, TEC-345, TEC-409, TEC-98, TEC-558, TEC-712, TEC-534, TEC-669, TEC-741, TEC-766, TEC-83, TEC-73, TEC-3, TEC-167, TEC-39, TEC-347, TEC-381, TEC-400, TEC-669, TEC-768]
  • Fixes crashes experienced by some users [TEC-564, TEC-635, TEC-392, TEC-18, TEC-562, TEC-553, TEC-180, TEC-574, TEC-547]
  • Fixes and improvements to the Snippet Editor [TEC-625, TEC-208, TEC-590, TEC-537, TEC-581]
  • Prevents setting problematic HotKeys [TEC-604]
  • Improves preview of JavaScript snippets
  • Various UI improvements [TEC-188, TEC-740]
  • Removes in-app onboarding, now available on the website [TEC-714]

TextExpander for Windows 2.1.1 (2020-01-29)

  • Moves diagnostic report sending option to installer [TEC-624]
  • Fixes crash that can occur under bad network conditions [TEC-639]
  • Fixes crash that can occur when running in some locales [TEC-544]
  • Fixes inline search crash that can sometimes occur when selecting results via keyboard shortcut [TEC-643]
  • Fixes various problems that could occur when moving Snippets [TEC-646]
  • Allows removal of all delimiters [TEC-492, TEC-169]
  • Differentiates between main keypad and numeric keypad enter keys, when used as delimiters – they are “Return” and “Enter” respectively in the delimiter setting dialog [ TEC-493 ]
  • Adds version number to installer’s filename [ TEC-519 ]
  • Fixes problems with snippets created in older versions of TextExpander, with optional sections with formatted names [ TEC-212 ]
  • Fixes expansion of %key% macros included in output returned by JavaScript snippets [TEC-274]
  • Stops populating fill-in name when editing fill-in fields [TEC-522]
  • Fixes handling of % symbols in JavaScript snippets
  • Adds snippet preview
  • Fixes hotkey selection
  • Fixes rich text expansion with list items, line breaks and optional sections [TEC-406]
  • Adds support for clearing cache if TextExpander has trouble starting
  • Improves performance, including startup [TEC-386]
  • Fixes various crashes
  • Fixes various UI issues
  • Fixes setting of blank abbreviation prefix overrides [TEC-394]
  • Positions inline search and fill-in windows correctly on multiple monitors [TEC-12, TEC-436]
  • Stops tab from selecting hyperlinks in fill-in windows
  • Fixes expansion on some keyboard layouts with recent versions of Windows 10; specifically German, Swiss German, and Japanese Keyboard Layouts [TEC-529, TEC-164, TEC-166, TEC-161]
  • Fixes crashing and unresponsiveness after initial expansion experienced by some users [TEC-420]

TextExpander for Windows 2.1 (2019-10-15)

  • Fixes miscellaneous memory issues
  • Improves performance
  • Fixes miscellaneous crashes
  • Allows disabling of Onboarding via registry key [TEC-351, TEWIN-646]
  • Allows other applications to come to foreground immediately after Inline Search Window closes
  • Improves expansion with slow target applications [TEWIN-407]
  • Fixes Delimiter overridding for some snippet types [TEC-315]
  • Improves text appearance [TEC-172]
  • Fixes “odd characters” in Preferences Window [TEC-113]
  • Fixes crash during startup when Windows Account name has non-latin characters [TEC-48, TEWIN-649]
  • Fixes “third-party” crash at startup [TEC-54]
  • Allows resizing of Preferences, Welcome and About screens
  • New About, Welcome & Preferences [TEC-196, TEC-157, TEC-156, TEC-168]
  • Remembers Fill In Window size after editing snippet
  • Remembers Snippets previously used in Welcome Window, when re-opening
  • Opens Date/Time math editor when Date/Time math macros are clicked in Snippet editor [TEC-317]
  • Closes Fill-In modal in Snippet Editor when pressing enter [TEC-255]
  • Selects the edited Snippet when Opening the Main Window from the Snippet Editing Dialog [TEC-308]
  • Stops clearing Main Window filter when inline search performed [TEC-307]
  • Fixes inserting macros when text is selected in the editor [TEC-257]
  • Fixes information loss with enter-triggered dismissal of FillIn Modal in Snippet editor [TEC-301]
  • Ensure Snippet Group is expanded in outline, when one of its snippets are selected [TEC-419]
  • Sends statistics when TextExpander exits, TextExpander upgrades, turning off PC and logging out of Windows [TEC-287, TEC-452, TEC-451]
  • Prompts user to send crash reports [TEC-363, TEC-76]
  • Fixes some crashes when TextExpander exits
  • FillIns will remain on top of other windows [TEC-13]
  • Fixes spurious fetch error in logs [TEC-349]
  • Exiting TextExpander is faster
  • Fixes error dialog when TextExpander fails to load [TEC-437, TEC-62]
  • Fixes crash at startup that affected some users [TEC-459]
  • Corrects “Default Snippet Format” wording in Preferences [TEC-116]
  • Adds Support for Organization-controlled updates [TEC-133]

TextExpander for Windows 2.0.19 (2019-07-07)

  • Resolves expansion failure after suspend/hibernate and other specific cases [TEC-391]
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

TextExpander for Windows 2.0.17 (2019-05-28)

  • Search is now case and accent insensitive [TEWIN-673]
  • Search is now faster [TEWIN-776]
  • Increases Filter width [TEWIN-685]
  • Improves Editor appearance
  • Allows fill-in popups to be reordered in editor
  • Fixes backspace macro inside fill-ins [SNIP-249]
  • Clarifies OK button in fill-ins [SNIP-223]
  • Fixes infinite loop in %macro parsing [SNIP-247]
  • Fixes untitled fill text fields [SNIP-241]
  • Removes blue border around Snippet outline [TEWIN-810]
  • Improves highlighting appearance when search term is split
  • Improves UI responsiveness
  • Fixes Keyboard Shortcuts after Sign Out followed by Sign In [TEWIN-706]
  • Normalizes clipboard when passed into Javascript snippets, so that newlines are always ‘\n’ [TEWIN-798]
  • Correctly describes %fillpopup with no menu items, when showing Snippet content in the outline
  • Improves Fill-In appearance [SNIP-235]
  • Fixes filter & inline search after sign out, followed by sign in [TEC-327]
  • Fixes display of toast notifications [TEC-294]
  • Fixes crash when selecting results in Inline Search [TEC-284]
  • Fixes hang on exit [TEC-318]
  • Fixes blank window when opening TextExpander from System Tray [TEC-29]
  • Stops double-expansion when using clipboard [TEC-25]
  • Stops expanding when keys like Ctrl are pressed with an abbreviation [TEC-32]
  • Fixes crashes in Inline Search when using large accounts [TEC-284, TEC-338]
  • Adds support for the ZOC application [TEC-57]
  • Adds support for table borders [SNIP-142]
  • Adds support for editable Unicode Date Macros [SNIP-205]
  • Won’t insert snippet macro w/o abbreviation [TEC-268]
  • Fixes insertion of unedited fill-ins
  • Fixes inserting %filltop via the editor toolbar in script Snippets [SNIP-210]
  • Fixes expansion when optional sections contain bold and curly quotes [TEC-212]
  • Fixes expansion in Office applications swapping first and last lines [TEC-11]
  • Fixes expansion when extra end optionals are present [TEC-212]
  • Stops inserting fill-ins if cancel is pressed in editor [SNIP-222]

TextExpander for Windows 2.0 (2019-03-05)

  • New editor with visual access to:
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Date math
    • Fill-ins
    • Keys
    • Cursor positioning
    • Clipboard
    • Insert / nest other snippets
  • Supports editing while offline
  • Improves expansion
  • Statistics
  • Highlights syntax for JavaScript
  • Adds options for resolving changes rejected by the server
  • Moves sign in to main window
  • Other fixes and improvements

TextExpander for Windows 1.6.13 (2018-06-12)

  • Resolves expansion of Fill-ins in Microsoft Edge [TEWIN-526]
  • Improves Fill-in performance in Firefox [TEWIN-635]
  • Restores selection of inline search results with the mouse [TEWIN-365]

TextExpander for Windows 1.6.11 (2018-05-24)

  • Fixes unresponsive clipboard preventing expansion by ignoring the clipboard if the RDPClip (Used by Remote Desktop) owns it [ TEWIN-479 ]
  • Fixes Fill In flickering/crash by only showing dialog after automatic sizing is done [ TEWIN-605 ]
  • Makes Fill In Dialog positioning more reliable [ TEWIN-526 ]
  • Fixes Fill In Dialog in Edge [ TEWIN-526 ]
  • Fixes stalled expansion after using successive Fill Ins in Office [ TEWIN-382 ]
  • Fixes general expansion issues in Office [ TEWIN-193 ]
  • Fixes slow typing in Outlook while TextExpander is running [ TEWIN-467 ]
  • Fixes TextExpander making Microsoft Access unresponsive [ TEWIN-90 ]
  • Fixes abbreviation removal when the target application processes keystrokes slower than TextExpander does [ TEWIN-134, TEWIN-117, TEWIN-40 ]
  • Makes expansion more reliable after unlocking PC, resuming PC from sleep or after interaction with UAC prompts [ TEWIN-199, TEWIN-601 ]
  • Improves caret and selection placement when using Microsoft Products (e.g. Outlook, Word ). [ TEWIN-173 ]
  • Fixes New Snippet creation when Default Snippet is set to “Formatted Text, Pictures” on macOS [ TEWIN-613 ]
  • Fixes expansion when the abbreviation has shifted keys (e.g. _, capitals, € ) [ TEWIN-620 ]
  • Improves abbreviation removal when expanding Fill-In snippets [ TEWIN-117, TEWIN-134 ]
  • Fixes Google Chrome crash when expanding snippets on some websites [ TEWIN-621 ]
  • Fixes unresponsive machine after expanding snippets for some users [ TEWIN-626 ]
  • Fixes occasional crash at startup

TextExpander for Windows 1.5.10 (2018-02-20)

  • Resolves other potential hangs from version 1.5.9

TextExpander for Windows 1.5.9 (2018-02-16)

  • Resolves potential hang on launch from version 1.5.8 [TEWIN-579]

TextExpander for Windows 1.5.8 (2018-02-15)

  • Adds Single Sign-On (SSO) for organizations
  • Adds right-click context menu to fill-in windows [TEWIN-49,TEWIN-221]
  • Improves launch performance
  • Fixes OneNote expansion deleting to start of sentence or paragraph [TEWIN-455]
  • Increases the default size of fill-in window to match macOS [TEWIN-473]
  • Allows resizing of fill-in windows & remembers this on subsequent expansions for that snippet [TEWIN-8,TEWIN-456]
  • Resolves rendering issues in fill-in windows [TEWIN-178]
  • Stops adding horizontal scrollbars to fill-in windows, if only fillpopup options are wider than than the window [TEWIN-473]
  • Fixes blank fill-in windows [TEWIN-29]
  • Adds extra logging during expansion to help diagnose issues there [TEWIN-479]
  • Makes exiting of previous TextExpander more reliable during install [TEWIN-493]
  • Improves robustness of Sign In
  • Improves accuracy of Status messages
  • Improves storage of Snippet cache
  • Fixes connection issues some users were experiencing [TEWIN-548]
  • Removes warning about unsaved changes during computer shutdown
  • Resolves some possible crashes at startup [TEWIN-312,TEWIN-158,TEWIN-545]

TextExpander for Windows 1.4.2 (2017-11-14)

  • Resolves issue with setting hotkeys [TEWIN-536]
  • Disables Preferences button while offline [TEWIN-533]

TextExpander for Windows 1.4.1 (2017-11-02)

  • Resolves issue with recording statistics

TextExpander for Windows 1.4 (2017-10-31)

  • Adds local cache of Snippets from
  • Shows ?? in HotKey dialog if the virtual key has no physical equivalent. [TEWIN-477]
  • Automatically marks stale keys as raised [TEWIN-199]
  • Adds limited offline support [TEWIN-165]
  • Fixes issues with saving medium to large snippets [TEWIN-332]
  • Fixes issues with saving snippets during peak times [TEWIN-457]
  • Fixes issues with TextExpander not reconnecting [TEWIN-76]
  • Fixes issues with retrieving snippets [TEWIN-185]
  • Fixes issues with connections after sleep/suspend [TEWIN-39]
  • Handles initial connection failures more gracefully [TEWIN-82]
  • Improves experience under intermittent internet connections [TEWIN-482,TEWIN-483]
  • Improves connection error reporting
  • Fixes blank Sign-In window [TEWIN-312]
  • Ensures server-side user updates while offline are propagated to clients [TEWIN-528, TEWIN-82]
  • Resolves crash while Signing Out when offline when visitingSnippet Group sharing URL [TEWIN-530]

TextExpander for Windows 1.2.8 (2017-07-24)

  • Retains last 10 normal log files after restart to assist support [TEWIN-458]
  • Allows the standalone installer to quit TextExpander during upgrade [TEWIN-27]

TextExpander for Windows 1.2.7 (2017-07-09)

  • Adds additional options to installer [TEWIN-405, TEWIN-406]
  • Resolves sizing of drag items and drop targets [TEWIN-305, TEWIN-326]
  • Fixes sizing of dropdown menus on HiDPI devices [TEWIN-84, TEWIN-307]
  • Resolves issues with Tutorial snippets [TEWIN-436, TEWIN-449]
  • Updates build environment to Visual Studio 2017
  • Updates WebKit, ICU, and Boost to latest

TextExpander for Windows 1.2.4 (2017-05-22)

  • Improves keyboard-based expansion, specifically when Keep/Abandon Delimiter is set [TEWIN-428]
  • Improves fix of toggling expansion causing keylog content to expand [TEWIN-328]
  • Updates logo in installer to have new tag line [TEWIN-433]

TextExpander for Windows 1.2.0 (2017-05-04)

  • Adds Workaround for “Smart Copy & Pase” in Microsoft Office [TEWIN-109, TEWIN-367]
  • Fixes crash (at startup) affecting some Windows 7 users
  • Fixes crash (at startup) when x,c,v & 1-9 missing from Keyboard
  • Preserves per-PC preferences after Signing out [TEWIN-359]
  • Corrects wording on Group Detail screeen [TEWIN-360]
  • Corrects display of some complex Rich Text snippets in FillIn windows [TEWIN-210]
  • Ensures that the system tray menu is always visible when it is clicked
  • Ensures that the fill-in window is always visible [TEWIN-86, TEWIN-391, TEWIN-71]
  • Shrinks fill-in windows to minimize wasted space [TEWIN-272]
  • Disables tabbing to hyperlinks in the fill-in window [TEWIN-400]
  • Doesn’t expand keylog content when re-enabling expansion [TEWIN-328]
  • Fixes Sign Out followed by Sign In not loading snippets [TEWIN-398]

TextExpander for Windows 1.1.7 (2017-04-10)

  • Shows installed fonts in snippet editor [TEWIN-412, TEWIN-408]
  • Improves reconnection behavior [TEWIN-29]
  • Changes blank screen timeout to be after 2 minutes of inactivity, not 2 minutes overall [TEWIN-29]
  • Fixes usage of %key% macros in fill-in JavaScript snippets [TEWIN-402]
  • Fixes highlighting of repeated filter matches [TEWIN-410]
  • Disallows editing of prefixes when the user is deactivated [TEWIN-264]
  • Other fixes and improvements

TextExpander for Windows 1.1.6 (2017-03-28)

  • Adds support for Snippet Group prefixes and Group prefix overrides
  • Resolves failure of sign out when rapidly followed by sign in [TEWIN-398]

TextExpander for Windows 1.1.4 (2017-03-16)

  • Fixes Rich Text expansion in Word/Outlook by using keystrokes to select abbreviation [TEWIN-241]
  • Reduces interference in other applications when not expanding (esp. during ThirdParty app startup) [TEWIN-83]
  • Fixes cases where the clipboard isn’t set correctly during expansion [TEWIN-116, TEWIN-122]
  • Fixes expansion after accepting FillIn dialog with enter keypress [TEWIN-199]
  • Load fill-in window links in web browser, once clicked [TEWIN-390]
  • Stops Pause or Break keypresses from ending expansion [TEWIN-392]
  • Resolves issue with rapid SignOut/SignIn [TEWIN-398]
  • Fixes crash when selection macro split by %fillpart% [TEWIN-401]

TextExpander for Windows 1.0.5 (2017-02-10)

  • Supports cut/copy/paste for all windows, including sign in and fill-ins [TEWIN-348]
  • Retains selection when applying formatting in snippet editor [SNIP-128]
  • Supports expansion and fill-in / inline search placement in: [TEWIN-258, TEWIN-6, TEWIN-126]
    • PowerShell
    • cmd.exe
  • Supports expansion in: [TEWIN-349, TEWIN-6]
    • PuTTY
    • Xshell
    • ConEmu
  • Reduces resource use during expansion
  • Improves demo banner appearance [TEWIN-264]
  • Stops unprompted restarts during installation on Windows 7 [TEWIN-137, TEWIN-297]
  • Gracefully handles inline search hotkey during inline search [TEWIN-292]