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You hereby authorize the Firm to act on your behalf in any matter in terms of and subject to the content of these Service Terms and Conditions. The content of the Service Terms and Conditions is applicable to any matter or file that the Firm assists you with or manages on your behalf and the Firm is not required to make you aware of this agreement with each new instruction received from you. The content of the Service Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. As the latest version thereof will always be applicable to your relationship with the Firm, make sure that you are aware of the content thereof by periodically reviewing the Service Terms and Conditions which is available on our website. Should you, for whatever reason, not be contactable, you authorize the responsible lawyer or another lawyer of the Firm to act on your behalf and in your stead and make decisions as it deems appropriate under the circumstances.

Scope of Engagement and Services

We will provide you with legal services which in our professional judgment are reasonably necessary and appropriate to the matters in respect of which you engage us from time to time.

We will provide legal advice and other legal services to you. While we will have your financial and business objectives in mind, we are not financial, tax, or business advisors and assume that you will rely on your own judgment and resources, such as other outside advisors as you may consider appropriate on financial, technical, and business matters. Although your legal team will take the utmost care during your representation, they have no control over the commercial success of any instruction or the outcome of any legal process, and therefore no guarantees of any nature are given in this regard.

Dear [Name],

The purpose of this formal letter is to request that you respond to the enclosed information request. You recently contacted [organization/office/firm] to [legal service]. In our efforts to achieve this, we have encountered a roadblock due to a lack of sufficient information.

Please note that for your [legal service] to be successful, we will require your cooperation in this matter. Failure to respond to this information request within [amount of time] or to adequately justify such failure will result in [appropriate repercussion].

Please be further advised that the provision of fictitious, false, or fraudulent information is against the law. Kindly provide our office with the requested information as soon as possible so that we can proceed with [legal process].

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




Table of Authorities (TOA):

Statement of Facts: 



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