Top TextExpander Tips for Attorneys to Save Time [Webinar]

We at TextExpander find that work is busy enough, without the work of work getting in the way. You know what we mean, the little things, the pieces of the to-do list you have to get through to get to the job.

Attorneys, paralegals and other office staff have so much to do, why not be more efficient about it. From streamlining communication with prospective clients to ongoing communication with current ones, there’s a lot of repetition you can simplify with TextExpander helping you repeat yourself, without all the retyping.

Even creating documents, not by copy/pasting from a previous one but by starting with a nice clean outline, will help you speed up the creation process, not to mention the review process.

We’ve partnered with GlobalMac IT, a leading IT firm dedicated to Mac-based law offices to show you what you need to know to get efficient practices in place using TextExpander.

Join our live webinar as hosts Tom, Maia, and Brett cover:

  • How to make your practice easier by harnessing automation
  • Writing legal briefs, memos & emails at lightening speed
  • Turbo-charging your legal writing workflow through leveraging TextExpander
  • Why using a text automation tool will make your firm more profitable and pay itself in seconds
  • Invaluable tips for newbies to the software as well as advanced tips for advanced users, all of which will convert into time saved
  • Gain access to the first ever (free) TextExpander sample Starter Pack and Advanced Pack databases for Lawyers

Date: Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 Time: 11:00 am PDT (2:00 pm EDT / 1:00 pm CDT / 12:00 pm MDT)