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Apps We Love: Forest, Focus on the Important Stuff

Spend too much time on your phone? This app encourages you to plant digital trees that grow while you focus on what’s important.

All the AppsWeLoved in 2018

Discover the unmissable apps we used in 2018, as chosen by the TextExpander team. Some are handy, some are life-changing. And some are just fun.

AppsWeLove: Calm, Learn and Practice Mindfulness

We’re always looking for new ways to be productive. Calm helps you learn mindfulness, refocus and stretch it out, so you can do even better work.

AppsWeLove: f.lux, Don’t Let Your Screen Keep You Up At Night

Learn how f.lux can make those late night working sessions a little easier on your eyes by reducing blue light. A firm favorite with the TextExpander team, f.lux is this week’s App We Love.

5 Blogs We Love and Why

Looking for some blogs to get you inspired and productive? Here are our top five, plus the articles we think you’ll love most.

7 Recruitment Apps for Boosting Your Recruiting

If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter living in the US, there’s a huge chance you’re already using your smartphone as much as (or more than) your computer for work. But are you using these mobile apps to hire faster and better?