therapy office backgrounds

Free Zoom Therapy Office Backgrounds for 2024

A professional-looking therapy office background is necessary for any psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist offering remote sessions and telehealth visits. These free therapy office zoom backgrounds offer your patients a sense of place and exude a sense of calm, peace, and healing.

“Every keystroke saved, is time saved, which means I can do my job longer and see more children.” — Dr. Melanie Hsu

Therapy office background 1

Therapy office background 1

This virtual background shows a serene and inviting room designed for relaxation or therapeutic conversations. Natural light streams through the large window, illuminating the space with a soft, warm glow that enhances the tranquil ambiance. The room overlooks a calm seascape during what seems to be late afternoon, judging by the warm tones of the sunlight.

Inside, the room is furnished with two comfortable-looking armchairs and a chaise lounge, all upholstered in a light fabric that contributes to the room’s airy feel. The chairs are arranged around a round wooden coffee table, upon which rest several cups and a small bowl, suggesting a setting prepared for a casual meeting or a relaxing break.

A large area rug beneath the furniture adds a layer of texture to the room, and the wooden flooring provides a sense of warmth. The decor is complemented by a tall indoor plant in the corner, adding vibrancy and a touch of nature to the interior. On one wall hangs a framed painting of a vibrant blue ocean wave, mirroring the peaceful view outside and bringing a cohesive nautical theme to the space.

A bookshelf filled with assorted items, including books and decorative objects, occupies the space to the right, suggesting that this is a place for both relaxation and intellectual engagement. Overall, the scene conveys a sense of peaceful retreat, ideal for contemplation or quiet conversation, with a design that harmonizes with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Therapy office Zoom background 2

Therapy office Zoom background 2

This therapy background features a stylish interior with mid-century modern influences. The room is characterized by a deep teal wall that sets a calming yet sophisticated tone. A tall green plant adds a natural element to the corner of the room, contrasting with the rich wall color.

Centered in the space is a sleek, tangerine-colored leather sofa, which serves as a vibrant focal point. It is accompanied by two armchairs, one with teal upholstery and the other in a matching tangerine hue, establishing a cohesive color scheme. In the center, a wooden coffee table holds a few books and decorative items, suggesting a lived-in and inviting space.

A unique floor lamp with a white shade adds soft lighting to the room, creating a warm atmosphere. To the right, a bookshelf is filled with various books and objects, indicating a place for reading and intellectual pursuit. A framed piece of artwork hangs on the wall, which adds a touch of whimsy to the decor.

A wall clock and a table lamp with a brass finish contribute to the room’s retro aesthetic. Overall, the scene is carefully curated to balance comfort and style, ideal for relaxation or casual conversation.

Therapist office Zoom background 3

Therapist office Zoom background 3

This therapy office background shows a cozy office space with an inviting ambiance, accentuated by the warm sunlight filtering through the window, casting soft shadows across the room. The walls and built-in shelves are painted in a soothing terracotta hue, complementing the overall warm color scheme.

A plush peach-colored sofa with tufted detailing provides comfortable seating, adorned with matching throw pillows. Next to it, a large, leafy green plant adds a refreshing touch of nature. Across the room, a wooden desk is neatly arranged with a laptop, a stylish table lamp with a golden base, and a few office essentials, creating a functional workspace. Behind the desk hangs a large framed painting of a tropical beach scene, invoking a sense of calm and escapism.

The bookshelves are thoughtfully styled with an array of books, pottery, and decorative items, suggesting a curated collection of personal and professional interests. A modern white chair with a curved back is positioned at the desk, waiting for someone to sit and work or contemplate the serene setting. The room’s design seamlessly blends comfort with a professional atmosphere, ideal for a workspace that also feels like a retreat.

Therapy office background for Zoom 4

Therapy office background for Zoom 4

This therapist office Zoom background depicts a serene and well-appointed living room, bathed in the warm, natural light that filters through the large central window. The walls are painted a calming shade of blue, complemented by white trim and decorative wall paneling, evoking a sense of tranquility and traditional elegance.

Furnishings include a plush, cream-colored sofa adorned with two blue accent pillows anchoring the space atop a neutral-toned area rug. Flanking the sofa are two matching wooden side tables, each with a white lamp that adds to the room’s soft lighting. To the right of the sofa, there’s a comfortable armchair, creating a cozy reading nook or conversation area.

The room is decorated with tasteful art, featuring two framed paintings of lush, impressionistic landscapes on the walls, adding color and artistic flair. A tall bookshelf to the right is filled with books and decorative items, suggesting a love for literature and personal touches.

Two indoor plants bring a touch of greenery and life to the room, one standing tall by the window, adding to the room’s natural, airy feel. The scene conveys a peaceful, comfortable living space for relaxation, reflection, or intimate social gatherings.

Therapy office background 5

Therapy office background 5

​​This virtual therapy background portrays a tranquil interior space at sunset. The room is bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun, which is visible through a large window with a clear view of the sea and horizon. The interior is modern and minimalistic, with a color palette that complements the soft orange and blue hues of the sunset.

Two sleek, caramel-colored leather armchairs face the window, offering a perfect spot for relaxation or contemplation while gazing at the picturesque view. Between the chairs, a round, contemporary coffee table holds a couple of books and a decorative glass sphere, reflecting the room’s serene vibe.

To the left of the scene, a tall indoor plant adds a touch of greenery and nature’s essence. On the right, a bookshelf filled with various books and decorative objects suggests a cultivated environment, perhaps a place for reading or intellectual engagement. On the wall, a large painting of a tropical beach scene echoes the natural beauty outside, enhancing the room’s cohesive aesthetic of calm and escape from the everyday.

Therapy office Zoom background 6

Therapy office Zoom background 6

The therapy office Zoom background is a tranquil room with a large picture window offering a panoramic view of a mountainous landscape at sunset. The room has a warm, inviting atmosphere, with wooden walls that complement the natural scene outside. The sunset casts a soft, warm light into the room, creating a peaceful ambiance.

In the room, there are two chairs facing the window: one is a brown leather armchair, and the other is a lighter-colored fabric armchair. Both chairs suggest a comfortable setting for relaxation or contemplation while enjoying the view.

A round rug is centered on the floor, adding a touch of coziness to the space. On the right, there is a tall indoor plant that brings a sense of life and freshness into the room. Beside it, a wooden bookshelf is stocked with books, indicating a space for reading or study. A small, whimsical orange cat figurine sits on one of the shelves, adding a personal touch to the room.

Overall, the room is designed for quiet reflection or intimate conversations, with the majestic outdoor scenery providing a backdrop that encourages tranquility and introspection.

How to change the background on Zoom

First, right-click (or Command-click on a Mac) any of the therapy office backgrounds on this page and choose Save Image or Save Image As. Choose a safe folder on your computer and then open Zoom.

In Zoom:

  1. Click your photo or initials in the upper-right corner.
  2. Choose Settings from the Menu.
  3. Click Background & Effects.
  4. Click the plus + button.
  5. Choose Add Image.
  6. Select your image from the file picker.

Here’s a tip: you can hold shift to select multiple images.

Once the images are loaded into Zoom, you can pick them from Zoom Settings under Background & Effects > Virtual Backgrounds.