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Wellness at Work Ideas: How to Feel Great and Work Effectively

Although there is some debate on how to define wellbeing, it is generally referred to as the state of feeling healthy and happy, or as “an assessment of a person’s quality of life, according to [their] own chosen criteria”.

Either way, it’s important.

And since we spend so much time at work, it’s worth considering how to improve workplace wellness.

Whether you work in an office, at home or onsite, there are good reasons to prioritize your wellbeing, including better morale, improved health and supercharged productivity.

Here are our wellness at work ideas to help you feel great and work effectively.

Be Healthy at Your Desk Job

Sit down all day? We’ve got your back.

Read up on how to sit all day and not ruin your life – plus check out our tips on using screen filters, frequent walks, regularly change sitting positions and investing in input devices to avoid RSI.

Overcome Workplace Fears

Workplace fears can hold us back from reaching our potential.

Identify what makes you uneasy at work and create an action plan to overcome it. The key is taking small steps – if your fear is giving a large presentation, start by leading a meeting. Remember to seek support from colleagues and managers.

If you’re preparing to deliver a talk, check out our tips on presentations.

Practice Mindfulness

Life is busy!

Mindfulness has been linked to improved well-being, mental and physical health.

It need only take a few minutes out of your day and doesn’t require much effort – at least, not physically! Try an app like Calm – which won a place as a TextExpander AppWeLove – to sleep better, concentrate more and stretch to release tension.

Aaaaand breathe 🙂

Get Your Steps In

Time to combat that sedentary lifestyle! We have many tips for getting your steps, including walking whilst taking phone calls, taking the stairs and even opting for a standing desk.

You’ll be getting in your 10,000 daily steps in no time.

Get That Work/Life Balance

Ah, the elusive work/life balance, another topic discussed in our post on overcoming work challenges.

The balance is all down to you, but a schedule for work/personal time will help you define clear boundaries. A good balance is usually working enough to achieve your goals and not sacrificing valuable personal time.

Forbes makes a good case for work/life balance and encourages readers to unplug from technology, create a structure you’re happy with and let go of perfectionism.

Wellness at Work

What do you do to look after your wellbeing at work? Let us know @TextExpander and in our group on Facebook.