Our Favorite Keyboards for Mac, PC, Chrome, iPad, and iPhone

This may come as a surprise, but as the makers of a typing app that helps you to communicate smarter, we here at TextExpander have a thing for keyboards of all shapes and sizes. If you’re curious about how and what we use to type on our Macs, PCs, iPhones, and iPads, you’ve come to the right blog post.

Keyboards for our Macs, PCs & Chrome

Let’s start with our daily drivers. As one might expect, a good number of the staff use the keyboard that came in or with our MacBook Pros, Chromebooks, and Desktops. But a number of us ventured beyond the original box to clickier pastures for keyboards, such as:

Keyboard apps for iOS

When it comes to app keyboards, our options are a smidge more varied. Turns out the TextExpander staff uses some useful, fun, clever, and important stuff on our iPhones and iPads:

External keyboard for iPad

Finally, a keyboard can be a great companion for iPads. As long as you are working in a TextExpander-enhanced app you can expand snippets using your hardware keyboard. The TextExpander staff has a succinct list of favorites there, too:

What are your #FavoriteKeyboards? Let us know on Twitter @TextExpander and LinkedIn.