TextExpander is a SugarCRM Partner

TextExpander Is Now a SugarCRM Partner 

TextExpander is now a SugarCRM partner! Now, Sugar users can download TextExpander as an add-on to Sugar to get even more out of the platform.

What is SugarCRM used for?

Sugar is used for multi-channel marketing automation, sales, and marketing team alignment, and funnel feeding/pipeline building. 

Sales and marketing teams use Sugar to:

  • Create content and campaigns
  • Engage their audience
  • Predict what customers want next
  • Understand what’s working and what’s not

Download Sugar’s platform overview to find out more.

What does Sugar integrate with?

SugarCRM integrates with thousands of apps, including MailChimp, Outlook 365, Zendesk, PandaDoc, Quickbooks, DocuSign, RingCentral, and now TextExpander.

For a full list of apps that integrate with SugarCRM, check out  SugarOutfitters, Sugar’s marketplace for apps. 

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Why TextExpander is the perfect SugarCRM partner

To demonstrate the combined power of TextExpander and SugarCRM, we’ve created seven example Snippets to help busy customer service, marketing, and sales professionals spend less time entering data and more time helping customers and closing deals. See why TextExpander is the perfect SugarCRM partner!

Not able to play the video? Click here to watch the video

Sign up for our 30-day free trial today and install our SugarCRM sample Snippet Group, and try these out for yourself! Here’s how to install them in TextExpander:

  1. Click the example Snippet link.
  2. Sign in to your TextExpander account.
  3. Click Subscribe to add the Snippet Group to your account.
You are about to subscribe to the Snippet Group: SugarCRM Group with Subscribe button

Once installed, you can view the SugarCRM Examples Snippet Group by opening the TextExpander desktop app and looking under Shared in the sidebar.

SugarCRM Examples Snippet Group in TextExpander

And don’t forget to try inline search for quickly finding and activating these snippets without memorizing abbreviations! Press Control-/ in Windows, Command-/ in macOS, or Control-. in Chrome to try it! Search for “sugar.” See Searching In Place With Inline Search.

TextExpander inline search for "sugar."
Inline search makes all of your TextExpander Snippets easy to find.

Fast, consistent tags in SugarCRM

Tagging is a powerful way to add freeform data to accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities that doesn’t fit in any other field. For instance, let’s say you want to mark all leads that are ready to buy your product. You could add the tag “ready” to the account or lead, and then click that tag to see all customers who are ready to buy.

But that only works if your tags are consistent. If one account executive tags accounts with “ready” and another tags accounts with “readytobuy,” you’re not going to see all of your eager accounts by clicking “ready.”

Here at TextExpander, our brilliant support team uses snippets to make tagging both more efficient and consistent. We’ve borrowed their wisdom to develop a snippet for SugarCRM.

With our sample Snippet Group installed, enter a Tag field and type “sctag.” A new window appears with options for:

  • Marking whether it’s a new or existing account
  • The account size: SMB, SME, or Enterprise
  • Whether the lead has been qualified
  • Answering if the lead is ready to buy
  • Denoting if the customer insists on a discount
SugarCRM Tagger Snippet. Account type: Existing. Account Size: SME. Has the lead been qualified? Are they ready to buy? Do they demand a discount?

Simply make your selections…

SugarCRM Tagger Snippet with account type set to New Account, account size set to Enterprise, and the following are checked: lead qualified, ready to buy, demand discount?

And the Snippet automatically fills in the correct tags.

Tags in SugarCRM: 2022 Accounts, New Account, Enterprise, qualified, ready, discount

To customize the Snippet for your organization, right-click it and choose Duplicate to add a new copy to your Snippet Library that you can edit.

Quick, consistent customer descriptions

SugarCRM’s Description field lets your reps add miscellaneous notes to an account or contact. TextExpander can automate the addition of notes to save your team time and make those notes easier to scan.

Description: We met this potential customer on a fair last week. They may be interested in our new products.
The sales rep typed “on” instead of “at.” TextExpander fixes this.

Enter the Description field and type “scdsc.” A new window appears with options to fill out. Here’s a tip: try the included “scdate” Snippet to automate filling in the current date.

TextExpander SugarCRM Snippet. Checked: New Lead, John Alvarez, met at Macworld on 2022-12-14. John Alvarez referred by Teresa Ahumada.

Click OK and TextExpander gives you a clean, consistent Description.

Potential customer. We met John Alvarez at Macworld on 2022-12-14. John Alvarez was referred to us by Teresa Ahumada.

Choose SugarCRM Industries quickly

SugarCRM helps you autofill your account’s industry, but TextExpander can make that process just a bit quicker. Let’s say you work with many tech companies. If you type “tech” into SugarCRM’s Industry field, you get two options: Biotechnology and Technology, with Biotechnology being the default.

"tech" typed into the SugarCRM Industry field. Biotechnology and Technology are both suggested.

We’ve constructed a Snippet to make assigning the Tech industry faster. Enter the Industry field and type “scti.” Our Snippet automatically types “tech,” arrows down to select the Technology industry, and then presses Return for you.

This Snippet might only save you a second or two, but those seconds add up to minutes that you’re not spending generating revenue or helping your customers. And it shows you how TextExpander can shave off the rough edges in your workflow to make your processes smoother and more efficient.

Enter titles in SugarCRM in a snap

We’ve shown you some advanced TextExpander ​​capabilities. Now let’s talk about the sort of simple Snippets that are TextExpander’s bread and butter. For example, when you’re filling out a contact’s business card.

Entering Title in SugarCRM

How many times per week do you type Director, Manager, Vice President, or any specific job title? We’ve included three Snippets to speed up typing those common titles, saving your team time and downtime from repetitive stress injuries:

  • scvp: Vice President
  • scdi: Director
  • scm: Manager

See how TextExpander works

Vice President



Of course, you can create your own Snippets for whatever titles you interact with often, like Account Executive or Account Manager.

One last tip on Snippet Group prefixes

Be sure to check out our guide to Snippet prefixes. The Group prefix for our SugarCRM Snippet Group is “sc.” When you create a Snippet in a Group that has a prefix, the prefix is added automatically to the beginning of the Snippet’s abbreviation. So if the Group prefix is “sc,” if you create a snippet with the abbreviation “vp” the prefix is applied automatically so the full abbreviation is “scvp.” However, if you move that Snippet to another group without a prefix, the abbreviation is shortened to just “vp”. If you move it to a Group with a prefix of “am” then the full abbreviation would be “amvp”.

Snippet Group prefixes are a powerful way to make it easier to create Snippet abbreviations and avoid conflicts, but they sometimes confuse new customers.

Try TextExpander with SugarCRM today!

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of TextExpander and install our SugarCRM Snippet Group to see for yourself how TextExpander is a great SugarCRM partner to accelerate your workflow.

Here are a couple more resources to learn more:

Want to know more? Check out our Learning Center or contact our sales team today.