Discover the All-New TextExpander Public Groups

Public Groups have gotten a makeover!

The all-new Public Groups page is easier to use, more accessible, and is ready for you to explore.

What are Public Groups?

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One of the most valuable features of TextExpander is the ability to share your snippets with others.

This means that your whole team can be on the same page and working together. But have you considered that your snippets might be valuable to more than just your team?

That’s where Public Groups come in.

Public Groups are a buffet of free ready-made snippet groups for you to join and start using right away. Our vibrant community of contributing TextExpander users have publicly shared snippets for everything from blogging shortcuts, to math equations, to emojis.

Subscribing to any of the Public Groups you see on the Public Groups page and use all the snippets within the group. Each group has an author who can update their group with new snippets and edits.

The best part about Public Groups is that they are all free to use and subscribe to! Our growing list of available snippet groups will help you save time and energy to make you more productive.

Introducing the All-New TextExpander Public Groups

Public Groups Examples

There are over 100 Public Groups for you to join and use. Here are three of our favorites to get you started.

  • Symbols: Useful symbol characters that are hard to find on your keyboard.
  • TidBITS AutoCorrect: Extensive auto-correction of common misspellings and typos.
  • Accented Words: Converts common words, when typed without accents, to their accented equivalents. Time for a matinée!

What’s New in Public Groups?

There are two main updates to Public Groups:

  • A more approachable, user-friendly design that categorizes snippet groups that lets you find the ones you need when you need them, or search for exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Snippet templates that allow you to get started with TextExpander and gives you examples of some useful snippets that you can use for free.
TextExpander Public Groups screenshot

New Feature: How to Use Snippet Templates

Not sure where to start with TextExpander? Snippet templates are here to help.

If you look at the list of categories in the directory, you’ll see a special one at the top of the list titled “Snippet Templates”.

These are a special kind of group that acts as a starting point for creating your snippets. Instead of subscribing to the group, you have the option to “Use as Template”.

This makes a new group in your account by copying this group. Now you can go in and edit each of the snippets to tailor it to your needs.

How to Share Your Own Public Group

Got your own snippet groups you’d like to publish? Here’s how to share your own:

  • Sign in to on any device
  • Click a snippet group
  • Click its Sharing tab
  • In that tab is a new ‘Public Sharing’ section that gives you two options for sharing that group:

URL Sharing – This creates a URL for that group which you can distribute to as many or as few people as you like.

Publish in Public Groups – This will add your snippet group to our new Public Groups for all to see and subscribe to. You remain the admin of the group, and any changes you make will be automatically distributed to all subscribers.

Discover the All-New Public Groups

We can’t wait to see what Public Groups you use and create. You can learn more about subscribing to and sharing public groups in TextExpander Support.

We hope you love the new Public Groups as much as we do!