Create Sales Opportunities with These 5 Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling is a good way to generate interest in your business. Hone your cold call skills and you will be able to drum up business when you need it most. You just need your prospect list and to pick up the phone.

Getting results from cold calling can take time, effort and practice. In this article, we run through 5 of the best cold calling scripts and how to use them.

The Questioning Cold Calling Script

Nobody likes being sold to, but people like to buy. Start by using open-ended questions that will help you get a feel for the information that is best to provide to your prospect.


Hi, this is [Name] from [Company].

We are working with a few businesses like yours at the moment to help them get the most out of their marketing. Don’t worry, this isn’t some big sales pitch, but I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of quick questions – is that ok?

(If yes, you then go on to ask key questions such as…)

Do you currently use Instagram as a platform for marketing and sales?
How do you generate leads from your social media activity?
Do you have an internal marketing function, or is this all outsourced?

(Once you have a feel for their position and how you can best help you may then give a mini-pitch on why working together would be a good option. Alternatively, you may choose to thank them and end the call there, calling them at a later date to highlight a few ideas you’ve had to help.)

The Direct Cold Calling Script

The direct approach works when you have been able to qualify the prospect to a high level before the call.

For example, if you sell a niche product, you may be able to call someone in your target sector and address the problem you solve immediately.


Hi [Their Name], its [Name] from [Company].

I hope you don’t mind me giving you a quick call. I know you are busy, so I’ll get straight to the point.

If I could offer you [Product] at a better quality and a better price than you currently receive, would you be open to exploring this?

Be sure to respect the prospect’s time. Tell them what you can offer and why what you’re suggesting is a good fit. Then ask if they are open to discussing the possibility of working together.

If you have a strong value proposition for your business this can be a very successful way to get the conversation started with a small commitment to buy right from the outset.

The ‘Get Around the Gatekeeper’ Cold Calling Script

When approaching a larger business you will often need to get around a gatekeeper before you can talk to the true decision-maker.

Getting around the gatekeeper should not be taken lightly, although their function is to screen sales calls for the decision-maker, they are also human and will decide their actions based on their reaction to you.


Hi, I am hoping you can help me with something. Can I ask who I am speaking to?

(Gatekeeper gives name)

Oh, hi [Their Name] I’m [Name] from [Company], I am looking to talk to the best person at [Prospect Company] about [Product Area] – would that be you?

(Gatekeeper says no – they may give you the contact here, if so thank them and move on. If not…)

No problem. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

(Gatekeeper may give details here, or may say something like ‘it isn’t company policy to give out information like that’, if so…)

Ok, I can understand that [Their Name]…

I think there is a good opportunity here that the right person would want to hear about though. What would be the best way to get in front of them?

(Gatekeeper may give several options here – follow through on their suggestions)

The Common Connection Cold Calling Script

Making your call stand out is all about developing a cold calling script that cuts through the noise. One excellent way to do this is to build a personal connection with the individual you are trying to prospect.

The most common way to do this is by mentioning a mutual connection or better yet getting a recommendation direct from that connection. LinkedIn can be useful for this, although many people have lots of connections who they do not truly know, so just picking a ‘mutual connection’ on LinkedIn is not enough. Try finding connections from the same businesses, organizations or groups to increase the chance of a true link being there.

Take the time to ask a mutual connection if it is ok to mention their name. This makes the call script less random and the connection may be able to offer you more information to personalize your call.


Hi [Their Name], it’s [Name] from [Company].

I was chatting to [Connection Name] the other day and he recommended that I get in touch with you about [Product Area].

When I was looking through the [Their Company] website, I thought there might be a good opportunity to work together in the [Product Area] space, so thought I’d give you a call…

The Personal Cold Calling Script

Using a mutual connection is not the only way you can build links with the person you are cold calling. A little research can help you lead with an area that is relevant and interesting to the individual you are calling.

Even if this doesn’t mean you have a personal connection, like sharing a hobby or previous workplace, you can still open them up with something that will grab their attention by showing interest in them.


Hi [Their Name], it’s [Name] from [Company].

How are you?

(Wait for answer)

I was just browsing your LinkedIn and spotted that you attended [University/Course/School]. I’ve heard it’s pretty tough to get in there, how did you find it?

(Wait for the answer – ask follow up questions if appropriate).

Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys at [Their Company] ever work with businesses in the [Product Area] space?

Cold Calling Script Success

The secret to a successful cold calling script is planning how you are going to make your call stand out from the crowd.

Planning what you are going to say is going to help you do this, but only if you work to avoid the usual and deliver the extraordinary. Giving just a little extra attention to your prospect and what makes them tick will go a long way.