Ask a Recruiter: Tangie Pettis

In this interview series, we’ll feature recruiters sharing highlights from their recruiting journeys – from the aspects of the job they love to the trusted tech tools they rely on to guide them through the workweek.

With a recruiting career that spans over a decade, Tangie Pettis has built a reputation for being a results-oriented, high-energy Talent Acquisition Leader.

Tangie’s success comes as no surprise when you consider her ambitious childhood. An enterprising youth, Tangie began her first paid job in elementary school, running a profitable candy store business that lasted several years.

Now, on the heels of completing her Master’s degree, Tangie is focusing her efforts on leading a team of Sourcers in one of the most demanding and competitive industries.

Read on to learn more about Tangie’s favorite recruiting tools, her recruiting superpower, and her newest creative pastime.

What do you remember most about your first job?

My first paying job was actually when I was in elementary school. I opened a candy store on my front porch and sold candy to the neighborhood kids.

I was the real deal. I even went to the wholesale candy store on the weekends to restock my store.

Sweet start! How were you introduced to recruiting?

During my time as a Retail Training Manager, my role was to recruit, interview, hire, and train new team members.

I loved the recruiting and training aspects of my job the most. I found myself saying, “If I could just recruit I would be so happy!”

Eventually, I took a leap of faith and stepped into recruiting. I loved it from the day I started.

Tell us about your current role.  

I am currently a Talent Sourcing Manager for Aspen Dental Management, Inc.  I manage a team of remote Sourcers across the United States.

Aspen practices are located in 39 states. We help find people that will change the smiles of patients across Aspen Nation.

What energizes you during the day?

Helping and coaching others.  I enjoy having the opportunity to develop my team as well as be a resource for them when they need me.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John Maxwell

What aspects of the work you do keep you up all night?

The next “hunt.” I often think about the difficult searches that have been escalated to my team for sourcing support. I want us to find that next amazing Dentist who will quickly fill the role.

What is your recruiting superpower?

Connecting with others! I love to build relationships and I find it very easy to do because I sincerely enjoy meeting new people.

What personal passion projects are you working on?

I recently stumbled across making jewelry during my last semester of grad school. One of our projects was on self-directed learning where we had to select something that we have always wanted to do, however, never had time to do.

As a result, I selected making bracelets because I had always wanted to do that, just didn’t have time. We had to learn it ourselves and apply learning theory to the process.

Now I have fallen in love with it and find myself making bead bracelets whenever I can. It’s really fun to design them and watch it all come together!

“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.”

Ginni Rometty

What software tools do you rely on daily?

I have several daily go-tos, including Loom, VoteUp, BaseCamp, Hiretual, ZapInfo, ScheduleOnce, Pocket, and Super Timer. My favorite is BaseCamp!

Of all the tools you’ve used, which ones have been game changers?


TextRecruit has changed my life by enabling me to automate and personalize text messages to multiple candidates at once.

I absolutely love the drip campaigns and user response templates. The integration with Icims is awesome because it allows the entire team to view previous text conversations with candidates.


VoteUp is a quick and easy way to get a group consensus on various questions throughout the day.

My direct reports work remotely throughout the US. With VoteUp, I avoid endless “reply all” emails or having to make multiple calls each day.

Fun fact: VoteUp has been the deciding factor in several of my SourceCon and ERE session titles!

Magically, you have been granted an extra hour in your day. How would you spend it?

I’d spend it researching sourcing tools and sourcing training – uninterrupted.

I already do this, however, an extra hour in the day would be fabulous because I love to learn new sourcing techniques, tools, and methodologies without any interruptions. A whole extra hour would give me so much more time to spend doing something that I love so much, which is learning.

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