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Ask a Recruiter: Marvin Booker

In this interview series, we’ll feature recruiters sharing highlights from their recruiting journeys – from the aspects of the job they love to the trusted tech tools they rely on to guide them through the workweek.

Marvin Booker is a Sourcing jedi with the drive to thrive.

His exceptional skill? Identifying and engaging talented people.

With foundations in hospitality, Marvin has long appreciated the value of delivering exceptional service.

His experience working in a five-star hotel taught him the importance of understanding people and making connections – whether with his peers, club members, or VIP/celebrity guests.

It was, in fact, a guest at his hotel who hired him for his first recruiting role in Executive Search.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Read on to learn what propels Marvin’s success and what he enjoys most about working with the #1 job site in the world.

Tell us about your current role.

I am currently a Contract Technical Sourcer with Indeed, contracted through Staffmark. I help people get jobs!

What fuels you during the day?

Impacting people’s lives positively is what motivates me.

Behind every person I reach out to is a network of people that they are tied to in some way.

My work doesn’t only affect the person I am targeting for a particular role. Their decision to make a career move creates a ripple effect that covers their family, friends, and ultimately, their community.

What aspects of the work you do keep you up all night?

Analyzing and reflecting on what I do each day. Whether it’s how to write a more effective message or modifying a search string that I have created.

What personal passion projects are you working on?

I love to read.

My team at Indeed recently started a book club. Right now, we’re reading Full Stack Recruiter: New Secrets Revealed by Jan Tegze.

I am also working through Work Rules by Laszlo Bock and The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a network to build a professional. – Marvin Booker

What technology tools do you rely on daily as a Recruiter?

I spend a lot of time in G Suite. Google Drive has been a great way to keep organized. Sheets is good for structuring information. Calendar keeps me on top of projects and allows me to see what others are working on, too!

Calendly is easy to use and very helpful. I can just drop my link into an outreach email and people can book time with me at their convenience.

What is your recruiting superpower?

Creating quirky email subject lines!

I like to include jokes, puns, and random plays on the recipient’s experience to grab their attention. Then, I find memes or use Giphy to enhance the message.

I have consistently been surrounded by amazing people that teach me and help me grow. – Marvin Booker

Magically, you have been granted an extra hour in your day. How would you spend it?

I would definitely spend it researching and exploring new tools.

I love to sit and shadow other Recruiters and Sourcers to see how they are using a particular tool. Sometimes you discover you’re using the same app as someone else, but in a completely different way.

What are your absolute favorite work apps?

Amazing Hiring, Human Predictions and Trello. I am excited to try TextExpander!

What are you reading? Share your book recommendations with Marvin on Twitter or LinkedIn.