23 must read recruitment blogs to keep up with the industry

23 Must-Read Recruitment Blogs to Keep Up with the Industry

When it comes to keeping up on the latest industry news, recruitment blogs provide a wonderful opportunity to glean knowledge from peers. Learning from others can help you improve your job performance and advance your career as a recruiter.

With over 600,000 million choices in the blogosphere worldwide, we thought it would be useful to find the best blogs on recruiting, hiring and sourcing and compile them in one place.

Without further ado, here are 23 must-read recruitment blogs to keep up with the industry.

#1 Boolean Black Belt


Glen Cathey’s long-running blog is the ultimate resource for all things sourcing and recruiting. Start with the Free Resources tab for 100 of Glen’s most valuable posts.

#2 Lever


The Talent Innovation Blog from Lever offers fresh insights on recruiting strategies, hiring best practices and company culture.

Source: Lever Blog

#3 Recruiting Brainfood 


Hung Lee curates the most interesting and relevant recruiting content delivered to your inbox, once a week. Recruiting Brainfood has emerged as the ultimate industry newsletter for the talent business.

#4 Social Talent  


Led by founder Johnny Campbell, the Social Talent recruitment blog features cutting edge content delivered by a  dynamic group of individuals whose mission is to change the future of work. 

#5 Jan Tegze


Sourcing meets recruitment on this recruitment blog hosted by Recruiting Leader Jan Tegze. Jan is also creator of the viral Sourcing.games.

#6 Google Hire  


Though the Google Hire product was short lived, thankfully the blog lives on. It is a treasure trove of relevant articles around recruiting, interviewing, metrics and more.

#7 Career View by Maisha Cannon


Global Talent Sourcing Manager and Keynote Speaker Maisha Cannon shares her observations as a Recruiter turned Sourcer on her Medium hosted recruitment blog. Check out the Q&A features and the 30-Day Sourcing Series.

Source: Career View by Maisha Cannon

#8 TextExpander


TextExpander’s blog houses a wide array of recruiting articles for teams large and small. From the main blog, search by the keywords recruiter, recruiting or sourcing to find relevant tip and tricks.

#9 Aline Lerner


Aline’s views on recruiting are uniquely valuable since they come from a Founder’s perspective. Her engineering foundations combined with her startup recruiting experience guides her writing and shapes her perspective.

#10 Amazing Hiring


The Amazing Hiring recruitment blog features interviews with practitioners, best practices, and even recommendations on the best recruiting conferences to attend.

#11 SourceCon 


SourceCon is a daily blog where sourcers and recruiters can exchange knowledge and insights about sourcing best practices.

#12 Kasia Tang 


Kasia is an international sourcing and recruiting trainer. She enjoys sharing her vast insights about sourcing, social media, branding and a lot more. 

Source: Kasia Tang

#13 Recruiting Daily


With a network over 100K strong, RecruitingDaily.com is a long-running recruitment blog that aims to provide meaningful information to recruiters worldwide.

#14 Jim Stroud


Over the past decade, Jim Stroud has built an expertise in lead generation strategies, social media recruiting, and online research. On his award-winning blog, you’ll find articles on job search, recruiting, technology and more.

#15 Mettl 


Mercer Mettl’s mission is to enable organizations to build winning teams. Their recruitment blog features insights across two key areas – talent acquisition and development.

#16 Smart Recruiters 


Featuring innovative posts like ‘The Rise of Reverse Recruiting’ and ‘Recruiting KPI Dashboards: Measuring Data that Truly Matters,’ Smart Recruiters blog pushes the envelope and challenges you to think outside the box.

#17 Cut and Polish by Gem


Gem’s new but growing recruitment blog features recruitment insights, ideas and best practices in addition to CRM product news.

Source: Cut and Polish by Gem

#18 Denis Dinkevich 


Talent Sourcing Fellow and technology enthusiast Denis Dinkevich’s blog is rich with practical and pioneering advice on sourcing and recruiting.

#19 Entelo 


Entelo’s blog features quality, relevant recruiting and hiring posts. There’s even a sub-blog featuring engineering recruiting advice and information.

#20 Recruiting in Yoga Pants


According to Amy Miller, recruiting is easier when you’re wearing comfy pants. Unfiltered and raw insights on the day to day life of a corporate recruiter are what you can expect from this Senior Recruiter’s recruitment blog. 

#21 Yello


Well organized into candidate experience, sourcing, diversity and inclusion and recruitment operations, Yello’s blog reaches 7,000 subscribers who receive bi-weekly recruiting tips.

#22 Workable


Workable’s Ask a Recruiter blog series features real recruiters answering questions about talent acquisition, hiring and sourcing.

#23 Joel Cheesman


Joel Cheesman has over 20 years experience in the online recruitment space and shares his thoughts on the ERE blog. 

Which of these blogs do you find most helpful as you work through your day-to-day challenges? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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