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A Little Bit of Structure = Happy Employees

There’s so much freedom in flexible work, but adding some structure can create even happier working lives for employees. Here’s how to get the best of both worlds for a flexible future.

What Happened at TextExpander Forward 2021

Ever wondered how remote summits work when there are employees are all over the world? Here at TextExpander we recently had ours! Here’s all the deets.

How to Build Trust in a Remote Team

With remote work a new normal, management strategies are changing too. Ensure that you build trust in your remote team by making sure they experience maximum connection, cohesion by building these fresh approaches into your leadership style.

Eliminating Hero Syndrome at Work: Why Everyone Needs a “Bus Plan”

Businesses that rely too heavily on the skills and knowledge of a handful of individuals leave themselves vulnerable to bottlenecks. Creating a ‘bus plan’ will help mitigate these risks and ensure future success.

OKRs: Why You Should Strive for 70% of Goals

OKRs are a a great tool to get teams motivated and inspired, but you may be missing a trick when it comes to goal-setting. Here’s how aiming for 70% may get you further than any goal you’ve set before.

8 Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Culture

A great work culture leads to a high-performing sales team. Here are 8 steps to creating a winning culture in your team.

Little-Known Ways to Increase Sales Team Motivation

Maintaining office motivation doesn’t have to be a chore. Sit down with your sales team, get to know them and use these tips to keep them on track.

4 Sales Best Practices to Increase Productivity (+ Revenue)

Want your sales team to shoot for the stars? Here are the best practices you should follow to benefit your customers, your team and your business.