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Top 8 Tools For Full Business Automation

Whether you’re a solopreneur, growing team or large enterprise, we’ve rounded up the top business automation tools for you.

How to Automate in Your Recruiting Business

In this video, we chat with Karel-Oscar van Hengel, the Founder of HyperTalented, which is a staffing and recruiting agency.  Karel-Oscar, or “KO” for short, is a Dutch Entrepreneur living in Paris and Amsterdam. 

How to Use Automation and Stay Human

Automation is an exciting way to improve efficiency, but it can be a balancing act for newbie automation adopters. Here’s how to automate your workflow while making sure it’s a fully human experience all-round.

Using Automation & Delegation to Grow Your Business

Smart businesses use automation and delegation to free up employee time, so they can focus on growth tasks. TextExpander, and GlobalMac IT can help. Here’s a summary of our joint webinar.