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TextExpander makes it easier for IT teams to offer high-quality support at blazing speeds.

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Rapid Replies

From database queries to answers to common questions, send commonly used text with just a few keystrokes.

Consistency + Flexibility

Empower your whole team to get back to internal clients quickly and consistently with access to a shared library of text snippets you can edit on the fly.

Works Everywhere

From email to database queries to ticketing systems, use TextExpander anywhere you type.

Reply To Emails and Tickets in a Flash

Never type out or copy-paste a common response again. With TextExpander, just type a short abbreviation and watch it instantly expand into your full response, all with a quick inline search or abbreviation.

Send Policies and Instructions With Ease

Never type out or hunt for another standard message such as software setup instructions or data security policies. Just use a TextExpander snippet and move on to your next task.

A Knowledge Base At Your Fingertips

No more switching windows or applications to find answers to common questions. Once your answers are loaded into your team’s shared library, you can find and insert answers anywhere you can type – no complex setup required.

Take Better Notes, Faster

Use predefined snippets to take consistent, high-quality notes on issues and cases without letting data entry slow you down.

Query Databases in Record Time

Store SQL and other database queries in your team’s snippet library to easily retrieve or manipulate data. No more repetitively typing queries or letting typos slow you down.

Take Back Your IT Team’s Time

Give your IT support team the tool they need to take their time back from repetitive tasks.

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Make it easy for your IT support team to provide fast, effective answers to every request and generate smiles all around.

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