Press    Speed AND Looks: TextExpander for macOS Adds Big Sur UI Updates, Quick Actions, and Apple Silicon Support

Speed AND Looks: TextExpander for macOS Adds Big Sur UI Updates, Quick Actions, and Apple Silicon Support

San Francisco, CA – December 15, 2020 – Smile, the developer of productivity applications for macOS®, Windows®, Chrome™, iPhone® and iPad®, today released an update for TextExpander, the popular typing shortcut tool for smarter communication. Teams and individuals using TextExpander will experience improved performance and a refreshed appearance.

TextExpander for macOS users will benefit from multiple features designed to improve productivity. This includes a cleaner, newly-updated user interface that blends seamlessly with macOS Big Sur and makes it easier to manage and navigate snippets. 

To further improve user productivity, this update also introduces Quick Actions, giving faster access to one’s most-used snippets. Search directly from the menu bar more efficiently than ever before. 

The new TextExpander for macOS also ships as a Universal Binary with full support for Apple Silicon / M1 Macs, allowing forward compatibility with the next generation of macOS devices.

“We’re excited to bring both Big Sur and Apple Silicon support to TextExpander for macOS,” said Greg Scown, co-founder of Smile. “We’re also thrilled with the new Quick Actions and the productivity improvements they enable.”

TextExpander lets you instantly insert snippets of text from a repository of emails, boilerplate, and other content as you type – using a quick search or abbreviation. Multiply your productivity across your team with TextExpander’s built-in sharing which keeps company communication current, accurate, and consistent with clients, customers, and one another.

TextExpander is $7.96 per user per month for the Team plan, which offers robust data and user management, billing, and statistics. TextExpander is as little as US $3.33 per month for individuals on the Life Hacker plan.

TextExpander features:

  • Insert standard greetings, text, and signatures, including formatted text and pictures
  • Type custom abbreviations that expand to longer “snippets” of text and images
  • Correct typos automatically (Add them to your snippet library and/or use one of the included AutoCorrect snippet groups for English, French or German)
  • Integrated TextExpander account and Apps
  • Insert standard greetings, text, and signatures, including formatted text and pictures
  • Manage sharing across your team with a TextExpander Organization
  • Use fill-in-the-blank snippets to create custom forms with multiple field types and sections
  • Position the cursor wherever you want in your expanded snippet
  • Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet
  • Organize snippets into groups
  • Search snippets via keyboard shortcut
  • Search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type
  • HTML, CSS, AutoCorrect, Accented Words, Symbols, Emoji snippet groups included
  • Internet Productivity snippet group (shorten long URLs automatically)
  • Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer
  • Date/time math (add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time)
  • For programmers, make editor-independent code templates; invoke JavaScript, AppleScript and shell scripts
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish


– TextExpander for macOS requires a Mac running macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later


US $3.33 / month for a Life Hacker plan for individuals.
US $7.96 / user / month for a Team plan.
Monthly pricing available.

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