Press    Introducing TextExpander for Startups: Scale Your Team and Save Precious Time for Your Growing Business

Introducing TextExpander for Startups: Scale Your Team and Save Precious Time for Your Growing Business

San Francisco, CA — July 28, 2021 — Smile, the developer of productivity applications for macOS®, Windows®, Chrome™, iPhone®, and iPad®, announced the launch of TextExpander for Startups, a program designed to help the startup community scale their businesses and grow through improved productivity and communication. The program provides startups with access to TextExpander products and services for one year, enabling them to drive more results and communicate more effectively across all aspects of their business.

The TextExpander for Startups program is inspired by TextExpander’s own growth from a small startup of two employees to a team of more than 30 people that continues to scale and save employee time and energy. The company sees this as an opportunity to give back to the tech community and to similar startups that are looking to grow. 

Participants in the TextExpander for Startups program will benefit from the app’s powerful shortcuts and abbreviations that allow teams to streamline everything that is typed. This means members of a founding team, employees, or even freelancers can have access to customer support answers, the most updated product messaging, and sales pitches so everyone can jump in to help make a small, scaling team seem much bigger and more established.  

“We know firsthand that TextExpander can help startups grow because our own team uses it in every aspect of our business to scale our capabilities as we grow ourselves,” said Philip Goward, CEO, and Founder of TextExpander. “We’ve launched TextExpander for Startups because we believe that TextExpander is an essential tool for helping early-stage companies become more efficient in their communication: a requirement to scale.”

​​TextExpander for Startups is specifically designed to help early-stage startups get their team communicating consistently, accurately, and efficiently. Startups interested in scaling their capabilities can find out more about the program and information on how to qualify on our TextExpander for Startups page.


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