Tips for Getting 10,000 Daily Steps When You Work from Home

Working from home can be great – but can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. We’ve already talked about the importance of sitting less and today we’re focussing on getting in those 10,000 daily steps.

Track Your Steps

The best way to motivate yourself to walk more is to record your progress. Apple Watch, FitBit and the Pedometer++ app all offer ways to track steps. Runkeeper and Apple Watch let you compete with friends and coworkers, which gives you a bit of communal encouragement.

Get Up to Walk about Frequently

Aside from being good for you in general, taking frequent breaks is a good way to up those steps.

Using a cup for water can help. Once the cup is empty, it’s your excuse to walk to the kitchen. If you have water goals, get a bottle ready each day with the amount you want, then leave the cup on your desk, and the bottle in the kitchen. Once the bottle is empty, you’ve made your goal.

Take Walking Breaks

Just had lunch? Fight the urge to slump in front of the TV and instead go for a post-lunch walk. Habit is key, so work it into your schedule in whatever way suits you best.

Consider a Standing Desk

There are many health benefits to standing desks, including lowering your risk of weight gain and heart disease, so depending on your current work setup, you might want to consider one if you find your day-to-day life sedentary.

Walk a Dog

Dogs are wonderful in many ways but encouraging activity is something they do best. If you don’t have your own dog, ask a friend, family member or neighbor if you can walk theirs.

Walk Short Distances

Rules are key here. Decide on a distance you feel is acceptable to walk. If where you’re going is less than your decided distance, walk! You’ll save money on gas too 🙂

Stand and/or Walk While Talking

If you frequently take phone calls, this is a great chance to walk around. Stretch your legs and keep a notepad or device nearby ready to take notes if needed.

Take the Stairs

Say nay to the elevators and their temptingly relaxing transport and instead take the stairs. Simple but effective.


Late night closing in and still low on steps? Go for a light jog or run to bump up your steps.

Final Advice

If you’re planning on taking a walk at some point, make it the morning. Things will always crop up with work later in the day, and your steps will be the first thing to neglect. Get those steps in early and you’ll be on your way to a more active lifestyle. For more tips and tricks, join our group on Facebook.

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