Telehealth Future Trends at TextExpander’s Telehealth Summit

Telehealth Future Trends at TextExpander’s Telehealth Summit

Hey medical providers, are you curious about telehealth future trends? Join us at TextExpander’s free telehealth summit: Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024 on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET. It’s 100% virtual so that you can attend from anywhere, but spots are limited. Sign up today!

Optimizing Virtual Care in 2024 Speakers

Here’s who you can look forward to hearing from during the summit:

Glen Tullman, CEO of Transcarent: Optimizing Scale: Reimagining the Health and Care Experience

Glen Tullman is the Chief Executive Officer of Transcarent, the first comprehensive, consumer-directed health and care platform that makes it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable health and care. Through an integrated mobile or web platform, Members can access EveryDay Care, for example, chat with a provider in less than 60 seconds, Pharmacy Care, Care@Home (or close to it), Surgery Care, or receive additional support for complex care needs like cancer and behavioral health.

Tullman is the former Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of Livongo Health, the first at-scale consumer digital health company to truly empower people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives using data science. In his final year, Glen led Livongo through the largest consumer digital health Initial Public Offering in history, a secondary offering, a convertible debt offering that raised over $550 million, and the industry’s largest merger to date between Livongo and Teladoc Health, valuing Livongo at $18.5 billion and beginning a new era of consumer-directed virtual care.  

A visionary leader and entrepreneur, Tullman previously ran two other public companies that changed the way health care is delivered. During his time as Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts, the Company was the leading provider of electronic prescribing, practice management, and electronic health records for physician practices. Glen led Allscripts IPO and Secondary offerings. Prior to Allscripts, he was Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Systems, the leading resource management systems for hospitals, which he also took public and then sold to McKesson/HBOC. Before entering healthcare, Glen served as President and COO of CCC Information Systems, a provider of computerized systems for the property and casualty insurance sector.  

Glen is also one of two Founding Partners at 7wireVentures, one of the highest-returning venture capital funds in Illinois. He is the author of On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer, in which he proposes new solutions to address the chronic condition epidemic facing our country.  

A strong proponent of philanthropy, Glen was honored in 2019 with a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award for his career focused on improving the safety, empathy, and efficiency of our healthcare system. He also serves as a Life Director of the Illinois Chapter of JDRF, the leading organization advancing life-changing breakthroughs for Type 1 Diabetes. 

Glen has three amazing children and a granddaughter who inspire him every day.

Dr. Danielle K. Miller, The Pivot Nurse: The Intersection of Technology and Improved Patient Experience

Dr. Danielle K. Miller, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN, a distinguished leader in healthcare and technology, brings over two decades of extensive experience to the forefront in the healthcare space. With a doctorate in nursing and an illustrious career that spans clinical, executive, and entrepreneurial realms, Dr. Miller is dedicated to driving innovation and equity in healthcare.

In her impressive career, Dr. Miller has seamlessly blended her clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology, having held pivotal roles at major firms like Infor and Amazon Web Services. As a former senior executive, she has been instrumental in supporting and implementing technology solutions that enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve healthcare outcomes. Her leadership has consistently fostered environments where technology and healthcare converge to create seamless, patient-centered experiences.

Dr. Miller’s journey is marked by a profound commitment to empowering healthcare professionals to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. As the CEO of The Pivot Nurse, inc, she passionately champions the integration of healthcare and technology, ensuring that the human element remains at the heart of technological advancements. Her initiatives have provided crucial insights for healthcare workers with the tools and knowledge to leverage their skills in technology roles, thereby safeguarding the patient experience in an increasingly digital world.

A fervent advocate for health equity, Dr. Miller has recently shifted her focus to a critical area: maternal health. With a decade of clinical and educational expertise in maternal health, she is dedicated to addressing the alarming rates of maternal mortality in the United States. Dr. Miller is committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of women across the country by championing policies and practices that support safe, equitable pregnancy journeys for all.

Through her insightful leadership, unwavering advocacy, and deep-rooted commitment to healthcare and technology, Dr. Miller continues to inspire and lead the way towards a future where healthcare is equitable, innovative, and always centered on the well-being of the patient.

Panel: Tech, Tools, and Best Practices for Enhanced Virtual Care

After Glen and Danielle’s talks, be sure to stick around for our final session, a panel titled, “Tech, Tools, and Best Practices for Enhanced Virtual Care,” featuring:

Telehealth future trends panel: Carlene MacMillan, Guy Macpherson, Becky Zook, Amelia Aburn

Be sure to stick around for a fun and engaging interactive discussion!