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Know Your Product and Write Your Best Sales Emails with TextExpander

When you communicate with potential leads there are many details, promotions and links to remember.

To get everything right every time, you need a helping hand. Using TextExpander, you can insert pre-written content into your sales emails, no matter where you are. Not only does it mean everything is correct, you can also send emails quickly and on-the-go. And all of that can add up to more pennies in your pocket.

How TextExpander Snippets Work

Snippets are keyboard magic. You can grab that great paragraph you type out to contacts and insert it into a snippet. Create an abbreviation for your snippet and next time you’re typing, just type your abbreviation to expand your paragraph right there.

Here’s a TextExpander snippet in action:

snippet expanding in email

Marketing Message Snippets

There are many snippets you can create to harness all the key information you need to persuade cold contacts, new leads and existing customers. Speak to the marketing team to get condensed marketing messages for your sales emails: taglines, blurbs and descriptions can all be put into snippets.

Consider creating snippets for:

  • Positioning statements
  • Key differentiators
  • Value proposition
  • Pain points


Abbreviation: kdchocolateteaspoon

Snippet: Our chocolate teaspoon is the most delicious on the market and retains its shape five seconds longer than the leading competitors.

Sales Snippets

Use research to inform which sentences work best to persuade and inform your leads. You can find out which words best market your product as a solution to a problem by looking at support’s interactions and marketing’s persona research.

You should be able to collate your collective knowledge into a group of unstoppable sales snippets for every stage of the sale.

Support Snippets

Leads may spring questions upon you in emails. Work with the Support team to create snippets for quick-fire responses. Consider using a similar prefix for all FAQs, such as ‘faq’.


Abbreviation: faqstockists

Snippet: Our chocolate teaspoons are currently stocked in Chocolate Heaven, Choccy Woccy and Teaspoons R Us.

Links to Knowledge Base Articles

You’ve spent a lot of time collating a knowledge base full of useful articles. Make that knowledge easy to share by setting up snippets to link to the posts you need to share. You can give each snippet a common prefix, such as ‘kb’ for ‘Knowledge Base’.


Abbreviation: kbhealthbenefits


When a team is sharing a snippet group, it’s important to label snippets thoroughly. The team won’t memorize every snippet, so make everything easy to search with clear and intuitive labels so everyone can find what they’re looking for.

Links to Download and Pricing Pages.

When it’s time to talk purchasing, create an abbreviation for a Download and Pricing Page. You can either link to the page or include an introduction, as seen below.


Abbreviation: pricingpage

Snippet: If you’d like to learn more about pricing, you can check out all our options here:

Snippets for Prices of all Tiers of Products

When a customer wants to know their options, expand a snippet with details of all tiered pricing for fast and accurate pricing details.


Abbreviation: tieredpricing

Snippet: Standard chocolate teaspoon: $15 Two-pack chocolate teaspoon: $20 Gold deluxe chocolate teaspoon: $1,000

Comparisons Between Different Competitors and Tiers

Show your lead why your product is the best. Compile a list of features that compares your product to a competitors. This could be used as a text snippet, or a link to a webpage with further details.

Latest Promotions

Keep everything up to date with snippets that stay up to date with your latest promotions. Use a snippet to call upon the current promotion you’re running. Keep the abbreviation the same and update the content whenever the promotion changes.


Abbreviation: latestpromo

Snippet: We’re currently offering a free chocolate teacup with all purchases of our chocolate teaspoon. Valid now until forever. Check out to find out more.

Share the Sales Productivity

To multiply productivity, share snippets with your team.

We’d love to hear how you use TextExpander at work. Let us know @TextExpander and in our group on Facebook.