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Introducing TextExpander for Startups: Scale Your Team’s Output and Grow Faster

As a company that started with just two developers and has grown to nearly 40 employees, we’ve learned a lot about how to scale a business. That’s why we’re launching TextExpander for Startups — a program to help startups drive more results and grow through improved productivity and communication.

Selected startups will receive access to TextExpander products and services for one year, free of charge, to allow you to grow more efficiently and effectively.

The Challenges of a Startup

As we’ve grown the TextExpander business, we’ve learned a lot. Here are some of the things that stick with us about scaling a business:

1. Time is of the essence.

As a high-growth startup, speed of execution is directly correlated to success. There’s an oft-repeated saying that “It’s not the big that eat the small; it’s the fast that eat the slow.” In a competitive market, it’s imperative to be more agile than your competitors; when the rules of the game change every day, it’s important to make sure every aspect of your team is able to execute quickly.

We know firsthand that TextExpander helps teams accomplish more, faster. Our team uses it in every aspect of our business to scale our capabilities. Without it, we’d be infinitely less productive and move more slowly (and we’d likely be a much larger team by necessity). By making TextExpander available to more startups, we hope to help each of you to become more efficient and drive more results.

2. Process is a good thing.

Many people in the startup world resist the idea of adding process to their work. Process is often seen as counter to the idea of being agile and moving quickly that we just described.

In practice, we’ve found it to be the opposite. Process is an integral building block in scaling a business. The more quickly you can implement processes to streamline essential and repetitive tasks, the more you can accomplish. Take customer support, for instance – without a customer support process, the wheels quickly come off of your business. The same could be said for sales, recruiting, and even fundraising.

Investors also love seeing processes in place, as it shows the startup is preparing to scale and also gives them a competitive advantage.

TextExpander’s powerful shortcuts and abbreviations allow you and your team to add process to everything you do – without the cumbersome setup overhead, or the inflexibility of automation. With Support, for instance, your team can build a process of adding frequent responses to TextExpander, then watch the hours saved compound with each response. Building process early allows your team to focus on the unknowns while the knowns are taken care of.

3. Communication is at the heart of every business.

Business is built on relationships – and this is incredibly true in the startup world. How you communicate with your prospects, customers, and partners can make or break an early-stage business. The more consistently you communicate, the more successful you’ll be.

This is exactly what TextExpander is for: communicating more effectively without losing the ability to make every correspondence personal. With TextExpander your founding team, employees, or even freelancers can have access to tailored customer support answers, the most updated product messaging, and sales pitches with a few keystrokes, so everyone can communicate more clearly.

Let’s get started.

​​TextExpander for Startups is specifically designed to help startup teams communicate more consistently, accurately, and efficiently. If you’re a startup ready to scale, we’d love to help you on your journey.

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