How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 4 Simple Steps to Better Writing

You feel like you’ve hit a wall. You’re writing but the words are failing you. Everything looks boring and you can’t remember what writing great work feels like. Writer’s block can affect any writer, and it’s super frustrating – so we’ve broken it down to these simple steps. All you have to do is stop, stretch, revive and write. Here’s how.

Step 1: Stop

Nothing you write feels right. Stop writing. Pens down. Step away from the keyboard.

Step 2: Stretch

Time to stretch your legs. We’ve written before about the benefits of moving around during your work day.

A walk can work wonders for your creativity, so walk the dog, walk to the store or hit the treadmill. Research shows it’s the act of walking itself, not the environment, that is the main factor in boosting creativity, so don’t worry if it’s raining and you want to pace around your apartment.

Even just stretching out tight muscles from being hunched over your desk will get the blood flowing, and work out some tension.

Step 3: Revive

It’s time to get inspired!

Revive your love for words by gathering [written work you think is fantastic] ( Indulge in a reading break for as long as you can before the deadlines call.

Step 4: Write

Set a timer and don’t stop writing until the timer is up. If your writing isn’t great straight away, don’t stress. In fact, get all the bad writing out and keep going until there are no dull clichés or boring phrases left. Eventually, the bad writing will give way to good writing. Don’t forget the importance of editing your writing. Even mediocre writing can be edited to be great.

Beating the Block

And always remember, you CAN overcome the dreaded writer’s block.

What tricks do you try when you hit a writing wall? Share your tips in our Facebook group.