Apps We Love: Moom, a Better Way to Organize Your Mac’s Windows

Photo by Jens Lindner

We here at Smile software are indie developers, which means we naturally use plenty of other apps from the community to get our work and play done. We’d like to share some of this app greatness with you in a new series called Apps We Love.

Let’s start with Moom for Mac, from the fine folks at Many Tricks. It’s a clever app for automatically organizing and resizing your Mac’s windows. One click can move and resize two app windows to go split screen, or reposition five apps and windows for the way you work.

Moom for Mac

Moom can also set windows to specific sizes and places, which is quite useful for things like screencasting, customer support, and app screenshots. As you might expect, nearly all of this can be done by configurable keyboard shortcuts.

Check out Moom for your Mac window management needs. Many Tricks has a free trial on their website.