TextExpander for Android Exclusive Beta

Thank you for your help in the continuing development of TextExpander for Android. We appreciate your discretion and look forward to hearing your feedback!

How to Install the Beta

Click the link to Join the Beta: txpdr.us/android-beta

If prompted, sign into your Google account

Tap “Become a Tester”

Tap “download it on Google Play”

Tap “Install”

Follow the Google Play prompts

Note: If you see “App not available”, please contact support@textexpander.com and let us know your Google Account email address.

Provide Feedback

Once you’ve had a chance to use the app, please fill out our survey to provide feedback:

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Notes about the
TextExpander for Android Beta

In this beta, you will find these features:

  • Search for Snippets through inline search
  • Expand Snippets by using any keyboard or copy & paste
  • Personalize your snippets by expanding Snippets with fill ins

Here are some issues we are aware of:

  • When the app crashes, you may have to disable and re-enable TextExpander’s Accessibility Service in order to make abbreviation expansions work again.
  • We are collecting all crash reports on Android. These do not contain any sensitive information.
  • We have noticed searching snippets is sometimes slow on some devices.
  • Sometimes search performance is slow, please let us know.
  • Sometimes after device restart, abbreviation expansion stops working, please let us know.

Xiaomi Users: to setup fill-in snippets, please follow .

xiamoi setup screenshot

Thanks so much for being a part of the TextExpander for Android beta! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

The TextExpander Team