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Recruiter Snippets Simplified: One-Liners

The average recruiter loses an entire day each week to administrative tasks according to a study by Cornerstone OnDemand. Manual data entry and repetitive admin tasks were listed by 63% of recruiters as their ‘worst nightmare’. Using TextExpander is a simple way to end the nightmare and automate the most common bits of text you…

TextExpander Keyboard Shortcuts

TextExpander has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for turning the text, links, and phrases you repeatedly type into snippets you can paste with a couple keystrokes. It’s the fastest way to save a ton of time typing and communicate smarter.

TextExpander Snippets for Fun & Shenanigans

TextExpander isn’t *just* an amazing way to communicate better and save a ton of time typing. It’s also an amazing way to communicate emoji, photos, and upside down letters better and save a ton of time while goofing off.

5 Tips for Creating and Organizing TextExpander Snippets

Once you are familiar with the basics of TextExpander, it’s a good idea to develop a strong organization habit for your text snippets and abbreviations.

TextExpander Story: How the Stewards of WordPress Adopted TextExpander, Part 1

This is part one of a three-part series by our friend Danny Santoro of Automattic, stewards of WordPress and the popular WooCommerce plugin. We invited Danny to share his company’s adventures of working smarter with TextExpander. The year was 2014 – early March, and I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new employee at WooThemes. As…