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Recruiter Snippets Simplified: One-Liners

The average recruiter loses an entire day each week to administrative tasks according to a study by Cornerstone OnDemand. Manual data entry and repetitive admin tasks were listed by 63% of recruiters as their ‘worst nightmare’. Using TextExpander is a simple way to end the nightmare and automate the most common bits of text you…

TextExpander Keyboard Shortcuts

TextExpander has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for turning the text, links, and phrases you repeatedly type into snippets you can paste with a couple keystrokes. It’s the fastest way to save a ton of time typing and communicate smarter.

TextExpander Snippets for Fun & Shenanigans

TextExpander isn’t *just* an amazing way to communicate better and save a ton of time typing. It’s also an amazing way to communicate emoji, photos, and upside down letters better and save a ton of time while goofing off.

5 Tips for Creating and Organizing TextExpander Snippets

Once you are familiar with the basics of TextExpander, it’s a good idea to develop a strong organization habit for your text snippets and abbreviations.