Version 1.4

WindowsReleased October 31, 2017

  • Adds new offline expansion
  • Improves launch speed
  • Adds local cache of Snippets from
  • Shows ?? in HotKey dialog if the virtual key has no physical equivalent. [TEWIN-477]
  • Automatically marks stale keys as raised [TEWIN-199]
  • Adds limited offline support [TEWIN-165]
  • Fixes issues with saving medium to large snippets [TEWIN-332]
  • Fixes issues with saving snippets during peak times [TEWIN-457]
  • Fixes issues with TextExpander not reconnecting [TEWIN-76]
  • Fixes issues with retrieving snippets [TEWIN-185]
  • Fixes issues with connections after sleep/suspend [TEWIN-39]
  • Handles initial connection failures more gracefully [TEWIN-82]
  • Improves experience under intermittent internet connections [TEWIN-482,TEWIN-483]
  • Improves connection error reporting
  • Fixes blank Sign-In window [TEWIN-312]
  • Ensures server-side user updates while offline are propagated to clients [TEWIN-528, TEWIN-82]
  • Resolves crash while Signing Out when offline when visitingSnippet Group sharing URL [TEWIN-530]