Version 4.3.2

MacReleased July 8, 2014

  • Resolves long delay before expansion on Mavericks when TextExpander is hidden
  • Resolves issue with fill-ins losing user settings
  • Fixes crash when Add Group from URL fails
  • Fixes crash when repeatedly deleting snippets
  • Displays statistics properly
  • No longer shows error message when enabling Dropbox sync
  • Fixes failure to copy and paste snippets in the snippets list
  • No longer shows warning when deleting a blank snippet
  • Other fixes and improvements
  • Fixes a variety of problems while editing snippets, including a frequent failure to save changes made to fill-in fields
  • Fixes crashes that could occur while searching for snippets
  • Clears search mode completely when creating new snippets or performing certain other actions
  • Fixes problem with Bubble sound preference in non-English systems
  • Provides correct VoiceOver descriptions of items in the snippet and Snippet Group list
  • Other fixes and improvements