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TextExpander touch 2.5 Updated for iOS 7


TextExpander touch 2.5 Updated for iOS 7: Includes Swipe Navigation, Gestures, Snippet Group Organization, Keyboard Commands

San Francisco, CA – April 2, 2014 – Smile, a developer of productivity applications for Mac and iOS, has released TextExpander touch 2.5, an extensive update for the iOS version of their customizable typing shortcut tool. TextExpander touch is updated for, and requires, iOS 7. The update is free to current users.

New gestures include left and right swipe to navigate through screens and a three finger tap to share snippets or notes. Improved organization options include reordering of snippet groups via drag and drop and moving snippets between groups. The new snippet group info view includes a setting to turn off expansion of the group’s snippets.

Hardware keyboard support has been added for commands, including ⌘N for new snippets, groups or notes, ⌘T to switch between the notes and groups screens, and the up and down arrows to navigate lists of snippets or notes.

TextExpander touch is $4.99 available on the App Store and requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 7.

What’s new in TextExpander touch 2.5:
– Updated for iOS 7, which is now required
– Uses the iOS sharing screen for Copy / Email / Tweet actions
– Adds swipe left to preview snippet from snippet editor
– Adds swipe right to return to previous view where appropriate, or switch between notes and groups screens
– Adds three finger tap to share snippet or note, two finger swipe left to copy
– Adds Organize button to snippet editor to move a snippet to another group
– Supports reordering groups in group list
– Adds support for hardware keyboard commands:
– ⌘+ and ⌘- increase and decrease the font size of selected text
– ⌘N creates a new snippet, group, or note
– ⌘Return functions as Done, or shares snippet or note
– Escape functions as Cancel
– ⌘T toggles between Notes and Groups
– up and down arrows navigate through the list of snippets or notes on iPad
– Adds snippet preview screen
– Adds snippet group info view
– Adds option to avoid expansion of specific groups on iOS
– Supports Dynamic Type in snippet editor
– Improves support for VoiceOver
– Adds onboarding introduction

TextExpander touch Features:
– Type faster on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets of text
– Compose notes quickly and easily that contain frequently-used text like addresses, phone numbers, email signatures, URLs, etc.
– Automatically insert your notes into Mail, SMS and Twitter clients, or copy-and-paste messages into other apps on your iOS device
– Use your snippets directly in many TextExpander-enhanced iOS apps
– Sync your snippets using Dropbox, or import your snippet groups from your Mac via your local wifi network
– Share snippet groups with other iOS devices and Macs on your local network
– Save composed notes in an archive for reuse
– Organize snippets in groups
– Sort snippets and organize groups via drag and drop
– Add Predefined Groups such as emoji, accented words, symbols, and HTML/CSS
– Add snippet groups available online via URL
– Create “fill-in-the-blank” snippets including text fields and multiple choice options to quickly customize a snippet upon expansion
– Create and use formatted text and plain text snippets in notes or when sending to email
– Add macros to your snippet with the “Insert” menu to include things like the current date and time, clipboard contents, nesting of other snippets, and more

System Requirements:
iOS 7

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