The Modern Recruiting Process

Develop and Hone Your Recruitment Strategy

How much time and effort are you spending on your recruitment process? Streamline your recruiting strategy with the tips in this guide.

We’ll show you how the right recruiting software can maximize your resources at each step. By using this recruiting plan, you’ll better identify and connect with top talent quickly.

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Increased Turnover Requires a Streamlined Hiring Process

How much is employee turnover costing your organization? Have you quantified it? If you haven’t, think about this:

Millennials, which comprise more than one-third of today’s workforce, are changing jobs more often than any previous generation. In fact, according to Gallup, U.S. businesses spent as much as $30.5 billion dollars filling vacated positions held by job-hopping millennials in 2016 alone.

As a result, managing hiring costs by creating streamlined and efficient recruiting workflows is becoming more important than ever. Download our guide to identify ways to use the latest technologies to work more efficiently at any hiring stage.

What’s Inside

5-Stage Recruitment Process Overview

Learn why a structured and well-supported process is key to finding and recruiting talent efficiently and successfully.

The Role of Technology

Get a list of the best technologies to support everything from candidate outreach and communications, to team collaboration and more.

Tips for Closing the Deal (Long-Term)

Take your process full circle with these tips for bringing your new team members on board quickly and keeping them there.

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