Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Learn how our customers are transforming their work using TextExpander

Be Personal and Efficient

Todd Curtis, CCO / Chief Customer Officer
You Need A Budget

Todd Curtis

Todd uses TextExpander to increase his education and support team’s productivity while providing personalized and consistent answers to customers. You Need a Budget is passionate about finances and about customer service. Todd wants every customer to feel special and loathes stock replies.

But loathing stock replies doesn’t mean re-creating the same set of directions each time a question comes up, or explaining a key concept differently for each customer. With TextExpander, YNAB uses fill-in fields so that every reply has custom elements to respond to an individual’s unique situation, while the overall content is consistent across the entire team. Using TextExpander adds an hour of productivity to each team member each day. That’s enough to be able to turn off the auto-responder, even at peak times.

“TextExpander allows You Need A Budget to respond personally to all support inquiries, while maintaining accuracy and consistency.”

Communicate with Clients and Databases

Sarah Mayo, Product Success

Sarah Mayo

Sarah uses TextExpander to build and maintain customer relationships for the film production management app, SyncOnSet. Making happy clients out of distracted users with hectic film schedules means always having the right answer, right now. All those answers are stored in TextExpander, ready to expand into emails and messages on a moment’s notice.

Adding new members to any team takes time, especially if that means training them to handle a SQL database. But, with TextExpander holding all the precise queries, new team members can be trained up in a fraction of the time.

Whether talking to clients, or databases, TextExpander helps SyncOnSet roll on.

“I really love the speed at which TextExpander helps onboard new team members. With all our expertise distilled into TextExpander snippets, new teammates are trained up in a fraction of the time.”

Get the Right Answers, Quickly Searched, Quickly Sent

Rick Myers, Director of Customer Service

Rick is the director of customer service at a company which provides infrastructure as a service. His team uses TextExpander to send detailed and complex requests to their data center which need to be accurate every time. He also answers customer inquiries with customizable replies, making sure all customers get the correct response in a human tone.

In anticipation of events that have the potential of increasing support ticket volume, his team is able to create the answers for the most likely and urgent questions. On launch day, having the right answers ready to go in TextExpander avoids days of support ticket backlog. With questions answered efficiently and quickly, customers are satisfied, the support team is relieved, and the company can focus on better things.

“TextExpander is a huge productivity boost, especially during our most stressful times. TextExpander makes my team communicate better.”

Fast, Detailed Assessments

Xenia Borue, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Borue

Dr. Borue is a psychiatrist who uses TextExpander daily to manage all the paperwork that comes with the job. Before TextExpander, she would copy and paste assessment templates from a Word document or spend hours dictating, with all the corrective retyping that entails. When she went looking for a better way, she found TextExpander.

Templates in TextExpander are easy to call up for patient assessments. Xenia has crafted snippets for specific medical information so that she never forgets a side effect or symptom. Using TextExpander, she produces professional grade documents in 1/3 the time.

Now that she’s created her snippets, no matter what EMR (electronic medical record) system she’s using, or switching to, her snippets go with her.

“TextExpander is my pocket brain, reminding me of all the details I need to discuss with each patient, and it’s faster than dictation.”

Share Beyond the CRM

Stephen Nock, Customer Team

Stephen Nock

“Amongst Formlabs’ suite of software tools, our primary customer relationship management (CRM) tool offers a macro feature, which was previously our standard for storing and sharing any type of standardized written response. Immediately when the team began sharing text snippets with TextExpander, we were impressed by our ability to use our shared responses across multiple communication platforms, including outside the CRM.

“TextExpander adds value when sharing information across teams, because snippets can be more than just plain text. This value can be quantified in saving not just minutes or hours, but weeks worth of time, when measured over months. TextExpander’s upgrade to a cloud-based software keeps the latest data current for every team member thanks to the convenient option to selectively share groups of snippets. Formlabs might be complaining to our other software providers if it weren’t for the utility that TextExpander gives us to respond to our customers quickly.”

“TextExpander enables us to respond to our customers quickly.”

Speed Wireframe Modeling Using Patterns

Fabian Krumbholz, Software Engineer

Fabian Krumbholz

“At Netcentric we use Textexpander to create wireframes in Balsamiq. We’ve built a library of patterns we use often. This makes the wireframing process not just faster, but also increases the quality, since we are all doing it the same way.

“Before TextExpander, we had to search for wireframe patterns similar to those used in the current project. We’d then export them and imported them into the new document, or have to create them from scratch. This was a time consuming process and the results were often not as good because everybody did it slightly different.”

“I love the cloud features.
They make it easy to share updates with the team instantly.”

Onboard Team Members and Get Productive – Faster

Ben Imker, Customer Service Trainer
You Need A Budget

Ben Imker

Ben uses TextExpander to build out his support team faster. When a new Customer Support rep joins YNAB, their TextExpander account comes pre-loaded with the snippets used by their team. From day one, team members have time-tested and customizable responses at their fingertips, easily searched by hotkey. This gives Ben more time for training.

TextExpander includes access controls, so Ben is able to give lead reps editing abilities to improve the responses their team is using. TextExpander works in any app, so there’s no need for additional training on custom solutions. This means when YNAB added a new way to support their customers over chat, everyone’s snippets were immediately available, no special integration work required.

“We doubled our support team without doubling our onboarding workload, thanks to TextExpander.”