Top Distraction Free Writing Apps: Get Focused and Write!

Whether you’re working on a new blog post, mid-term paper or your first novel, these apps will fit seamlessly into your writing workflow to increase your focus and minimize distractions.

Ulysses: Distraction-free writing

Ulysses prides itself on being a distraction-free writing app. It offers a range of compelling features; a markup-based text editor with easy organization, a distraction-free interface and, if you want to go old-school, a typewriter mode. With the option to enter full screen view, Ulysses is a fantastic choice for an immersive and complete writing experience.

Forest App: Stay focussed

Checking your phone too much? Download the Forest app to grow cute digital trees while your phone is locked. Unlock your phone and your poor little tree will die. Surprisingly effective, Forest will help you stay focussed when the pull of social media is strong. Collect coins for each tree you successfully grow and use your gold to pay for real trees to be planted. Writing work? Check. Good deed for the day? Check.

TextExpander: Create article outlines

To focus, you first need to know what you’re working on. Using TextExpander, you can create a keyboard shortcut that immediately expands your article outline for fast and strong structures. Check out this post on article frameworks for more info. Writing blog content? Read this post on creating consistent blog content with structures.

Instapaper: Focussed reading

Even the best writers need inspiration. Reading a diverse range of articles can strengthen your own writing voice, but websites can look cluttered and busy. Instapaper allows you to quickly save articles and web pages for later reference. Save all your favorite pieces of work to Instapaper for a clearer reading experience.

Your Favorite Writing Apps

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