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Tips for Podcasting: Improve Your Workflow with the Podcaster Starter Kit

Podcasting can be tricky business. Hosts and producers work hard to make everything appear effortless but behind the scenes, there are many cogs to turn and switches to pull. Some of those include handling audio files, contacting potential sponsors and typing away to cohosts and guests during recordings.

Improve Your Podcast Workflow with Expandable Chunks of Text

If you’re a podcaster, you probably want to spend more time creating content you’re proud of, and less time on the administration. With the Podcaster Starter Kit you can expand chunks of text using a quick search or abbreviation, so you can make light work of:

  • Naming files consistently to avoid accidentally saving a file with the same name and overriding the original. Plus, it makes your files easy to search.
  • Sending outreach emails to companies you’ve mentioned
  • Creating your show notes
  • Sending timestamp emails to sponsors
  • Contacting potential sponsors
  • Communicating quietly with cohosts and guests by using snippets to send messages that require fewer keys.

How the Podcaster Starter Kit Works

Our group of ‘snippets’ – chunks of expandable text – only require a short abbreviation or quick search to use. Handy fill-in-the-blank fields let you personalize them as you use them.

For example, if you want to name your audio file, you can type pod.fn.

Here’s pod.fn in action:

Access the Pre-Made Podcaster Snippet Starter Kit

Ready to improve your podcasting workflow? Click here to access the Podcaster Starter Kit.

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