TextExpander for travelers

TextExpander For Travelers

Traveling gives us a chance to escape our routines, see new places, and experience new things. Anticipating a trip can make you feel happy and inspired for weeks; going on vacation can improve your quality of life and even boost your career

But travel planning isn’t so great; there’s too much to do before you can relax and forget about it all. TextExpander can help you tackle your to-do’s efficiently so you can get to the good part of travel faster.

Travel details at your fingertips

Making travel arrangements is all about providing information. Some of the details requested are basic — your full name and address, for example — but others can be hard to remember and even to find. With TextExpander, you can keep all your travel information in one place. Even better: With a few keystrokes, you can make it appear anywhere you type.


Create checklists for what to do and what to pack before a trip; then save them to TextExpander so 1) you don’t lose them; 2) can share them with friends and family; 3) can expand them on email, Trello, or your favorite app.

Tip: Create one master travel checklist Snippet with optional sections for different types of trips—work trips, beach trips, hiking trips, etc.

Basics for booking

Save the info you need for booking flights, hotels, rentals, and activities in one Group of travel Snippets. Here’s a list of details worth keeping in TextExpander:

  • Full name of each traveler (as it appears on the government-issued ID)
  • Date of birth of each traveler 
  • Travel ID or passport number of each traveler
  • Passport issuing country(ies)
  • Frequent-flier membership number
  • Hotel rewards program number

Tip: Use a prefix, like “tvl.”, in all your travel Snippet abbreviations.

Save travel details as Snippets on TextExpander

Confirmation numbers and addresses 

As you make travel arrangements, save important information such as addresses and confirmation numbers to TextExpander. That way, when you need the information later, you won’t have to go digging into your inbox to find it. 

Save your flight info to TextExpander.

Useful URLs

Turn URLs of web pages you’ll be checking frequently into Snippets so you can access them via shortcuts, as shown below:

  • https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creative-writing-conference-2022-full-day-pass-tickets-304722552357 > tvl.conf
  • https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/argentina/entry-requirements > tvl.argreq

Less time online

We travel to get away from our screens, but we’re often forced to send and respond to messages even while on vacation. TextExpander helps you communicate efficiently so you can spend less time on your phone.


Booking multiple rentals? Cut the time it takes to communicate with hosts by saving message templates on TextExpander.

Tip: Fill-in fields allow for on-the-spot customization. Leave a single field for entering your host’s name or your arrival time. Include an optional section of text if it makes sense, e.g. Can you please confirm if the wifi connection is suitable for video calls?

Create a template to communicate quickly with hosts on Airbnb.

You can also create templates for messages to send to friends and family, such as updates on where you are and where you are going.

Hashtags for social media

Posting to Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn on the go? Save your travel-related hashtags into Snippets and optimize your social media content with just a couple of keystrokes.

Plan your next trip with TextExpander

TextExpander helps you store useful information and insert it quickly anywhere you type. Use it to access your travel information, fill out forms, and send messages—you’ll get it done faster and be able to relax sooner.