Automating Recruiting Processes

How to Automate in Your Recruiting Business

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At TextExpander, we love connecting with clients and understand real use cases of how they’re optimizing their productivity with TextExpander.  

In this video, we chat with Karel-Oscar van Hengel, the Founder of HyperTalented, which is a staffing and recruiting agency.  Karel-Oscar, or “KO” for short, is a Dutch Entrepreneur living in Paris and Amsterdam.  His staffing agency focuses on Digital Media and Advertising/Marketing Technology companies that are looking to hire sales talent in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and Stockholm. 

KO spoke with Yousef Shohayeb, an Account Executive at TextExpander.  Yousef works with businesses to increase their efficiency and consistency, and has been with TextExpander since 2018.  

If you have or work for a recruiting agency, or want to hear some of the efficiency hacks that KO implements in his growing business, check out the video here.  If you’ve learned anything useful, please share the video on LinkedIn and/or Twitter, tagging: