8 Social Media Snippets To Make Posting Easier

Creating engaging content is important for social media managers. Posting relevant links, content and comments help establish brands, maintain tone & voice and keep audiences engaged.

You already know how to write a great tweet, why not do it faster?

Use TextExpander snippets to make posting a breeze. Just hit a few keys – your abbreviation – to expand a post ready for you to personalize and send.

Social Media Post Outlines Snippet Group

Join the group and call upon various outlines for effortless social posts.

You’ll find outlines for:

  • News updates
  • Article sharing
  • Blog post sharing
  • Cross promotion
  • Content sharing
  • Events
  • Milestones

Create Your Own

Need more niche outlines? Get creative! Create your own post outlines and share with the whole team.

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