5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales Team’s Efficiency

5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Sales Team’s Efficiency

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Did you know that sales reps spend only 22% of their time actively selling*? Every salesperson on your team is looking for more ways to get an influx of sales leads while decreasing time on inefficient tasks.  TextExpander and Daylite are partnering to give you the ultimate tips for generating more sales for your business and streamlining your sales process so that you get more sales, faster.

Key topics we’ll be covering

  • Optimizing your sales funnel using messaging and targeting
  • Improving lead conversion with repeatable and efficient processes
  • Building customer relationships through personalization and organization
  • Tools to help streamline your sales team and crush more deals

Meet the hosts

Victor Martinez
Sales Development, Smile

Aprile Petralito
Customer Success Specialist, Marketcircle

Join us on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 11am EST/8am PST to learn how to boost your sales team’s efficiency!

*Source: (spotio.com/blog/how-to-double-your-selling-time)