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5 Tips for Creating and Organizing TextExpander Snippets

Once you are familiar with the basics of TextExpander, it’s a good idea to develop a strong organization habit for your text snippets and abbreviations.

TextExpander @ Work: Getting Started with Customer Support

Customer support is a foundational element to nearly every business you could imagine. Happy customers make for healthy businesses, and we keep this vital relationship close to our hearts when building and improving TextExpander. We use TextExpander religiously in our customer support team. In fact, providing prompt customer support with a text expansion tool like…

TextExpander @ Work: A Guide for Writers

TextExpander is designed to help everyone be more productive thru typing smarter. But, there are unique ways TextExpander can help a variety of industries, so we’re starting a new series to explore some of the ways TextExpander can be useful in a variety of practices and tasks—from the legal industry, to real estate, to freelancing,…